Maybe another.
Do you ever just get tired?

Hollywood East, it's a go.

The project got the green light last night, and is about four miles (or less?) from my house.  Woot.  I am excited by this.  There are thousands of people waiting of job opportunities for this project, but even still, it's a cool thing.

Town meeting voters on Monday night approved zoning and tax exemptions that will allow construction of a $400 million movie and television production studio planned for the current site of the 240-acre Waverly Oaks golf course.

Plymouth Rock Studios is expected to include 14 sound stages, a 10-acre back lot, a theater, a 300-room hotel in a small village center and an education center.

Nearly 1,000 people attended the meeting, although only about 100 town meeting members could vote.

Plymouth Rock Studios founder David Kirkpatrick says he was "flabbergasted" by the town's rapid approval of the project.

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