SmartForme Bari-15 Hot Chocolate, with a little motivation.

Don't cross your fingers.


...because layoffs are on the way.   It was leaked to the media, and a letter followed to his email this afternoon.   Swing those chickens, fry them.  Do whatever it takes.  I can only hope that since he's on the other end of the spectrum, meaning low man on the list, he will not be effected by this.

Especially when your Mama isn't driving for another six months.  Shoot me now.  The wait-list for options at "voc-rehab" was until this December, perhaps they'll have some ideas, aside from telling me to apply for disability.   I already tried that.

I'm not dis-abled.  But working out of the house is just not happening with four kids and not driving.  Daddy needs his job.  This cannot happen.

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