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Throwing a question to the internet.

Longest run on sentence to follow:  If you were me - and wanted to get the most bang for the proverbial buck out of college either online entirely or a combination of online and some actual in school classes at my Advanced Age (I know, but it still seems weird doing this nine years after my peer group has graduated) and lack of attention span...

Actual question to follow:  What would you choose as a 'major'

Photography is pretty much OUT of the question.  It would be lovely, but, not practical.  Yes, it's what I wanted" but the program is in Boston or surrounding areas, and $22,000.  I can't get there.  I plan to take some courses in photography, just to learn, because I really do want to learn.

I am limited, because it has to be online.  (I cannot drive for at least another six months.  If I could, I would prefer to GO to school at least half-time, and I would put the toddler terror in day care while I took some classes.) 

For me, to open doors, to get 'work,' as an employer, what would make me marketable to YOU?  Many of you are working for big companies, colleges and some own your own businesses.  What are you looking for?  What do you need?

Keep in mind, I may not be actually going to work for anyone, at least not in the typical daily grind fashion, but I need to somehow make a living on my own just the same.  It occurred to me (not all of a sudden, but, you know...) that I have been idling for years, and if Mr. MM were to lose his job, or be no longer around, What In The Hell Would I Do?  Right?  Right.

If you were going to hire me, to ____________.   What do you want me to know?  What do I need to go to school for?  I understand it's not necessary.  I understand many people are perfectly successful without college degrees.  (But, I also am watching first-hand how someone is told over and over again that he would be already advanced to the next step if that degree was in hand.  He's 1.9 years into the 4 year degree.)  But - I am home.  I am unable to create a resume without jobs.  Education might help.

So?  Your thoughts? 

PS.  Before anybody suggests it - my mind will not be agreeable to anything technical.  I see this, and think, well, lovely!   Eh, no.  I have ZERO INTEREST in delving into learning how to build websites and whatnot, although it would be wonderful to have that in my brain, I do not think I will get through it without imploding.  My neurons do not fire properly.  I think I am asking for trouble with coding, numbers, flash, etc.  No thanks. 

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