From this week's Postsecret - CPAP

Start that ticker again. Another six months. But who's counting?

I found myself in a puddle on the floor yesterday. 

"What happened?"

Like I need to ask.  But, I have no memory of seizures, so I really don't know.  We had been grocery shopping, just got home, put everything away, and I was chatting with someone about my broken code at the top of the website and I was "okay."  Not totally, I am sure, I had a "swoosh" complex partial that morning.

During that time, I had another grand mal seizure.  My husband helped me down out of the chair and onto the floor, rolling me on my side, where I stayed for about a half hour until I woke up with killer headache and confusion.

I tried to get up and come back to life, but my head was just like a rock.  I took some Tylenol and slept on the couch on and off for a few hours, the time after a seizure is really icky, you feel like a dishrag.

This would be a good time to tell you that I was experimenting.  I was trying to decaffeinate myself - thinking maybe - juuuuuust maybe the symptoms were related/triggered/threshold lowering at some level.  It's been a couple weeks of slowing down.  I am keeping it up for a while, just to see.  I've had three seriously strong episodes in 72 hours, nearly totally decaf... not that it is at ALL related.  This stuff is so very individual.

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