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Because it's icky and damp, and I feel like crap.


It is. I feel icky, my legs are aching today. Every so often this happens out of nowhere, and I feel like lead. Boo.

Unrelated - yesterday I was cleaning my daughters' room - and I felt 'off.'  I didn't know if I was crashing blood sugar wise, and I didn't have the brains or function to go get a meter, test, and treat a low.  I had been fine until that moment, and then, woozy.  I found myself staring off into la-la land, and I don't remember what I said to my daughter, but she came to me with a Fun-Dip, which apparently I ripped into, ate the sugar stick and spilled the powder everywhere.  I do not remember how long it lasted, or if the sugar brought me out of it, but, it pisses me OFF.  Mostly because I don't know what happened - I wish I had a little spy cam on my head to see - was it hypoglycemia or a seizure?!  I haven't had any since I started the new medication - or so I thought.  My husband thinks I had an event during sleep two or three days ago, and now maybe yesterday with these weird happenings.   I swear, if this stuff stops working, I will SCREAM.

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