Gestational Diabetes Screening in a Bariatric Patient

Special deal, holidazing and ANGST!

I just rushed to get my lawn mowed so that when you drive by it doesn't totally resemble a jungle since we have had so. much. rain. and whaddya know?  THE SUN IS OUT!  We have been living in a rain forest for weeks and weeks, and this yard is just, ick.  I miss my old yard, we had sort of gotten landscaping under control, had a fence, and it was already done.  To start over with a blank slate really blows.

So, happy fourth!  That's tomorrow.  Yay.  I don't like fireworks.  I like parties -- but no thank you on the fireworks -- and the little one is terrified of loud noises.  In fact I think the boy is actually working all day tomorrow -- and we don't have plans.  *lights a sparkler, woo*

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Woot.  Time to stock on my liquid courage, because....

I'm starting a 28 day Bariatric Bootcamp this week!  *ANGST!* 

It's time.  I cannot go this path any further, Beth has got to get a GRIP on her snackgrazingmealignoringchewingcud.  It's never been this hard to quit -- I know a lot of it has to do with the anti-seizure meds that are WORKING... so I have to get my own grip.  I am going to be following the plan here, because look! it's mah face!  

Somehow I needed this.  I needed it NOW.  The timing is pretty damn impeccable.  Time to cut out the games and just DO SOMETHING TO GET MY REAR IN GEAR. 

I really have no excuses.  I mean, seriously, get a grip, woman.

I plan to photograph and blog my progress, it's necessary to keep myself motivated.  I will do an official weigh-in on Monday, and off I go.

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