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I haz yawns.  We went to a family party last night -- and while I am certain I am far better off than many others waking up today, I can still feel the effects of beer coursing through my head.  I forgot that I never picked up my espresso beans yesterday -- so I am still out of coffee, too.  HISS.

I brought some 'ultra' beer with fruit flavors -- girlie beer.  The orange and grapefruit was good, I would buy that again.  That's my review.  LOL.

Before you bitch -- I have beer when we go out -- very rarely.  Follow your own doctors advice, please don't listen to the moron on the internet.

I drink alcohol on occasion, about once a month in the summer,  every few months otherwise. Yay, whoopee.

Beer doesn't make me drunk, one beer takes me a long time to finish, and if I have another, I'm still not cuckoo, even if I come by that part naturally.   I guess what I am saying is, I found that beer is safer for me as a gastric bypasser, if I want to have something, or even several over a night.

While some people drink hard to GET drunk, that doesn't work for me.  If I sip! liquor, I'm tipsy immediately, and meh.....gross.  Have you ever WATCHED a drunk person?  Does it embarrass you, you know, for them?  Ever tried conversing with a drunk person while you're sober?  I think that's enough for me to realize the limits.  Sure, fun is fine, but fun doesn't mean slobbering, stumbling and acting like a douche.  Yes, that's how I described it. 

Gastric bypass-ed drunks are a delightful type of drunk:  hard, fast, coma!  It's really not worth it to get that. intoxicated.  it really gets dangerous for a RNY'er, specifically, the alcohol just passes so fast, you end up taking in too much.

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