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Are you glad you did it?


By Christina:

There is no simple yes or no answer to this question for me.  Just a few days ago, when I was at the end of my cash and had forgotten to take any meat out of the freezer for dinner, I wished I could fill my belly with a cheap meal of cheesy pasta with tomato sauce.  Unfortunately, my belly has decided that even a small portion of that is evil.  I was mourning the "easy food" days pre-surgery, days when I didn't have to plan what to eat because all food was edible and I didn't have to worry about protein.  I was hating having had WLS.

Then a day like yesterday happens.  My car broke down.  A year ago, this would have sent me into a full-blown panic attack.  New Jersey is in the middle of a heat wave, I don't have AAA, and of course I had just passed (by ~1/4 mile) a repair shop.  I was able to walk to a corner hardware store, where the incredibly nice owner gave me a lift to his mechanic.  A year ago, that walk would have half-killed me.  Heck, just thinking about the walk would have set me to pouring buckets of sweat.  But I got there without being out of breath, only mildly damp from the humidity.  And later in the day, I walked to the pharmacy while talking on my cell phone without being out of breath.  Walking and talking in the heat of the day ?  That never would have happened a year ago.  Man was I glad I'd chosen to have WLS.

I'm glad that I picked the surgery I did.  The DS has great statistics not only for excess weight lost but also for keeping that weight off long-term (check out  With all the food issues I've had, I can't imagine how I would have stayed nutritionally sound with a gastric bypass, since I never would have been able to eat enough protein from food.  A Band of any kind was out of the question due to my severe GERD, besides which I know I would have learned to eat through a band.  In the end, I wish I hadn't felt the need for WLS, but I knew that without it, I would have either continued to gain or spend my life yo-yo dieting like my mom and probably diabetic like my dad.

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