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Lisa Post Avi

From Lisa:

OK, first I gave you the good, now I’ll give you the so-so…

 I went to see Dave Matthews Band on Saturday with a bunch of friends.  I’m still having a hard time ‘blending’ back into social eating situations.  This was an outdoor concert and tailgating was a big part of the day.  This was challenging for me.  Before leaving for the concert, everyone was drinking beers and eating chips and all kinds of good crap.  I brought along my ‘healthy’ snacks…which just weren’t cutting it today.  I had nuts, rice chips, Just the Cheese, Baby Brie, string cheese, a couple of different protein bars, plenty of bottled water and SF powers to flavor them.   Nothing was appealing to me, all I wanted was a beer and greasy potato chips!  I drink on occasion, but carbonated drinks, like beer or soda, makes my stomach swell – so I didn’t want to take a chance with that.  If I do drink, Vodka is my liquor of choice (along with a SF beverage like lemonade), but I get smashed REALLY quickly – so I need to pick my battles.  For this event, I made a decision to not drink at all.  I locked in that decision volunteering to be the designated driver – yeah, me!  

On the way to the concert, we made a stop to get subs.  Oy, another obstacle!  Bread is NOT my friend, not to mention ginormous sandwiches.  The sight of a foot long sub makes me want to hurl. I got an ‘Atkins friendly’ salad – mounds of deli meat and fresh veggies.  I was satisfied with my decision.  So we get to the parking lot and set up for the food and drinking fest.  I take two bites (TOO QUICKLY) of my salad and feel like I have to vomit!  I’m in a parking lot and the closest bathroom was a least a mile away.  I get a red solo cup and sit in the car and spit up into the cup – lovely!    I DO THIS ALL the time – eat too fast when I am in a social situation and then pay the price!  I know that’s why I did this surgery in the first place, so I wouldn’t eat so much – but it sucks that you NEVER GET A DAY OFF FROM WLS!!!  When I am home, I am sooo good, but when I go out, it never fails….drama!!!  I dread going out to eat or eating at someone’s house – and that really pisses me off!   For the last year, I think I can count on one hand how many times I have eaten in a restaurant.  But, in reality, I need to be able to overcome this and transition back into real life.    I hate the fact that I can’t drink and eat at the same time and GOD FORBID I can’t get to a bathroom in enough time. 

I went out to dinner with my family on Christmas Day last year – I was only 4 months post op.  I remember RUNNING to the bathroom at least 4 times over the course of the evening.  At the end of dinner, I was convinced I was becoming bulimic!  Don’t worry - that NEVER happened.  I do spit up on occasion, but the frequency has certainly decreased.  It’s more up to me – if I eat the right food and eat SLOWLY, I’m golden.  If I don’t – look out!

As MM says, "life after weight loss surgery, because it is for life"

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