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Deep Thoughts About My Job.


I am still thinking about it.  I think the Claritin is effecting my brain, which is currently falling out of my nostrils.

Getting to goal and weight maintenance as a job.

I slept on it.  Figuratively. 

I guess I could think about it this way:  If I had re-gained all my excess weight by now, at five and a half years post surgery, would I be blogging about my journey or about any other facet of weight loss surgery?

Probably not, probably not at ALL. 

Perhaps I would feel compelled to be completely anonymous and maybe if I DID blog about my situation, it would be entirely negative.  I am a pretty cynical person as is, but add to that a complete weight regain, this blog would be The! ANTI! WLS! page.

I know I am frequently glass is half-empty about surgical intervention, particularly roux en y gastric bypass, but that because from where I sit?  It feels that way.  It is difficult to be positive and promote something when it isn't working for you in every way.  I do find it funny when I am accused of Selling Surgery, or The Post Surgery Lifestyle.  o-O

So, yeah, the weight loss part?  THAT WORKED.  I have proved that I can maintain a certain level of success with obstacles being thrown at me.  All things considered, I should have failed. 

But, if I did not succeed or maintain any success, I don't think I would be blogging about any of this, it would be a lot harder.  I can't lie.  I am not a good liar, and I am not anonymous.  Yes, some days, I wish I had remained anonymous, and written from the anon standpoint, because it would be so much easier to spill the beans on many situations and such that make Such! Good! Content!  But, I can't go back now, and I have always written as if I knew my grandmother might read it - she's not offended.  ;)

The continual trial and error of maintaining some success has been directly impacted by this blog.  I wonder what my current state would be had I never started writing.  It would be much easier to give up and blend back into fat anonymity.  You betcha!   I keep a certain reign on myself knowing that I "have to" report back and be accountable to this blog.

I guess that means I have made it a "job" and the blog (aka the reader) is my "boss."  

My pay came first in the form of perseverance even when I could just give up.  I started blabbering here and there in 2004 about this experience.  That's a long time.

Much, much later, I earned actual income from partnerships with companies to promote their products because, I carried on.  Even when I don't want to, even when I have the urge to run for the penuche fudge, I stick with it, and even when I get duped, I come back, because, it's my job.

Please, stick around, I need to know it's my job, so I will continue to plug away every day and stay accountable to YOU.

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