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Deep Thoughts About My Job.



On Twitter tonight, I read this:"Treat the maintenance of ur goal as u would a paying job. Give it same attn u would as if somebody else (besides u) was expecting gr8 results"

Aside from the txt speak, this stuck out to me.  This, this is what I have been missing!

I stopped, and re-read and and replied.

He wrote back,  "that's my motivation for site, twitter & podcast. It is part of my (real) job, so it tied my weight loss w/job. Way more dedicated"

Um.  Beth, DUH?!  I've made blogging almost like a job, but why can't I get "way more dedicated" about the goal?  Why can't I just think about it that way -- and work like my boss was waiting for results?

Goal, being, to stop playing with the extra lbs and move on!   To stop grazebitenoshtaste-ing my way through the day with no meals!  HELLO!? 

It's "my job!"

Except, you know what?  I think I had a revelation.  *clouds part, sun shines*  I CAN'T think of my goal(s) LIKE a job, because what do I do?  QUIT!  I am not so good at jobs.

Time to find something else that works. 

I can't think of my personal weight loss goals as a job, it is counter-productive over here.  The moment I let someone else determine my success (like a boss)  I'm screwed.  My motivation CANNOT, I repeat CANNOT be for income nor someone else.  I can't imagine a job where I'd be that motivated to impress a boss anyhow -- but my experience is beyond limited.

The moment you tell me I have to do something, guess what I am not doing?

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