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Will I have loose skin?

Source:  Nicholson Clinic Blog

Will I have loose skin after weight loss surgery?

This is a frequently asked question, but unfortunately it is not an easy question to answer. There are a variety of factors that make it near impossible to know for sure how your body will react, but we’ve put together a list of informative tips to help you better understand what to expect after weight loss surgery.

Common issues that can lead to loose skin after weight loss surgery.

  • Increasing age decreases the elastic stretch of the skin, so older patients are less likely to have their skin shrink back with weight loss than younger people.  
  • Smokers’ skin is dramatically less elastic so they, too, are more likely to have loose skin after weight loss.  
  • Women who have dramatic stretch marks after pregnancy also are more prone to loose skin, especially on the abdomen, given that the skin there has already been over-stretched.
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Me?  I was very young when I had weight loss surgery, but I also had three babies previous TO losing the excess weight, AND I was a relatively small pre-op, too.  The day of surgery, I was 298 pounds, at 24 years old, you wouldn't think my excess would be "that bad."  HA.  My face and neck fared well.  The rest?  Not so.  I have a good amount of excess skin on my torso, thighs and upper arms, enough to warrant plastic surgery.  I haven't had any, but that's not because I don't want it - it's because I ran into health issues about three weeks before my first surgery was to be done.

Mr. MM was young also, was 370 lbs and got down to about 175 lbs, and had enough skin on his torso and thighs that made him run! to the surgeon.  He was horrified because he couldn't find his junk in the skin.  Truth. 

Mr. MM's mom was heavier still, got down to OMGTINY and has had EVERYTHING removed or fixed, she started in her 50's, however, and had oodles of excess skin.  Oodles of plastics as well, and oodles of problems.

Each post-ops excess skin will vary, some people just get super lucky, usually super lucky in one area!  Like, Mr.?  HIS UPPER ARMS ARE TINY, hardly a bit of excess, and I could fly if I catch wind with my upper arms.

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