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Thoughts on a fly-by trip to NYC.

And I missed this?! Baconfest!

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We shoulda brought it to NY and had a little bacon-festivity during the OH conference, is that so wrong?  Can you imagine the smell in this place?    Baconfest!

We all remember our first taste of bacon. Maybe it wasn’t perfect: maybe the bacon was cold; maybe there was congealed bacon grease clinging to the rasher. But we remember it, because it opened the door to a lifetime of bacon memories. It was that first crispy step on the path to a bacony life. It set the bar for every slab and slice and hunk of sweet cured pork that was to follow.

Baconfest Chicago is in the business of creating new bacon memories. To that end, we find it convenient to list our beliefs about bacon so that you may discern whether the bacon memories we offer are the ones you’ll want lodged in your head.

20091026BaconfestPiginaBlanket 2.jpg

"...the reverse pig in a blanket (pictured above) consisted of buttermilk biscuit dough mixed with bacon bits, all wrapped in bacon and then griddled."

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