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New Mousse Temptation Desserts From Jello


The new Jello Mousse Temptations come in three flavors, Caramel Crème, Dark Chocolate Decadence and Chocolate Indulgence.

I looked to find these at the grocery store yesterday, but didn't.  As you know, I am NOT a fan of pudding, but mousse, OH YES PLEASE.

And I spoke and the Gods of All Things Jello sent me some, it arrived fresh and cold this morning, JUST as my electricity shut off.  Tristan HAD! to have One Of Those YO-GURTS, Shock-late YO-GURTS, Mama! 

They all appear shock-late to her, since they're in solid color cups, all brown.  

We opened the Caramel Creme and Dark Chocolate, mostly because we had no power, and I was afraid the invevitable would happen, and I wouldn't like it once it got un-refridgerated. 

She took one bite of the Caramel Creme - and her three year old palate said - "I don't like this."  She came over and snagged my chocolate and ate a couple bites, and ran away.

Now - I can't expect her to give me a thorough review, but she's pretty damn honest.  Hoping for a better reaction, I gave one to my twelve year old.  "What's wrong with the Jello?"  I told her, "it's mousse," and it was fancier!  She's like, "Oh, well, it tastes like something bad happened to the Jello."  And then she threw it away.

I tried the Dark Chocolate first, because that is my preference.  

At first look, it's a gelatinous airy poof of chocolate.  Not creamy looking or gooey like pudding, it's light and fluffy, in a way that only Jello can be, if that makes sense?  It's like if you put Jello Instant Pudding Mix into Whipped Topping, blended it together, froze it, and thawed it on the counter.  I had a hard time going for that first spoonful, it's not attractive.

Hesitant, I did.  Went for that bite.  The texture is identical to my description.  Just, FLUFFY, in a way that I can't, get past.  Then again, my only experiences with mousse have been of the heart-attack inducing variety, which Jello, is not.

BUT, the TASTE is Dark Chocolate Sin XXX In A Four Ounce Container.  I LOVED the taste.  The Caramel Creme was equally good, very sweet and creamy TASTING.

I have to say, a simple search reveals that MM is the only person on this earth who recently tried the product and did not gush over it.  Other reviews mention how "sweet and melt in your mouth fabulous" it is, so maybe I am totally not getting it.  LOL.

  • Product - Mousse Temptation Desserts From Jello
  • Price - $3
  • Via - Everywhere, soon.
  • Pros - Tastes AMAZING, 60 calories, sugar-free, 1 WW point.
  • Cons - Texture makes me cringe.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy with some modifcation, MM

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