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Thoughts on a fly-by trip to NYC.

I went to NYC for a brief visit during my stay at the OH Event (more on that in another post) and a few people asked me what I thought of the big bad city. 

I said, "Underwhelming and overwhelming."

It's not nearly as big and beautiful as I had made it out to be in my head.  TV does that to you.   Seriously, walking by ABC GMA windows, I was like, "This is IT?  WTF?"  Looking at it from a camera, I could find things to photograph potentially forever.  I am not so sure I'd have enjoyed it without looking at it that way.

But the speed of the people in the city would drive me ape shit.  And I Do Not Want A Bus Tour.  Thanks!  I have a thing for signs, ads and people, especially those who look beat down and sad.  There is no shortage of that in NYC.

How do you who live in town deal with that constant nagging?  I guess you learn to be blank faced and ignore everything.  I'm not a city girl -- I live in the biggest "town" in my state -- but it doesn't have anything like NYC.  Boston, a bit, but... Boston seems "pretty" to me now.  Go figure.  Going out to LA last year made Boston feel CLEAN, too.  Figure that out.


I need to see MORE of NYC.  We only spent a short time, walking what we could from a parking garage, hitting up the Carnegie Deli with no wait, in which I ordered a brisket sandwich but only ate a pickle (stupid) and couldn't imagine doing that on a regular basis. People shoved in like dirty smelly sardines.  Blech.  I thought for sure we were bringing home H1N1.  Don't breathe my AIR!  Shoo!

Overall, my trip was quick and dirty, and I would love to go back, and STAY IN TOWN. 

Hopefully I can make a reason to do so, because it's hella expensive to DO SO.4041581712_e54cf4c057_b

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