40 percent of Americans will be obese by the year 2018.

101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight - Tip #1

I have a great little book here: Doctor's Orders: 101 Medically-Proven Tips for Losing Weight (Sasse Guides) In this book, there are literally, 101 Medically Proven Tips for Losing Weight.  Dr. Sasse has a line of books, most of which I will be reading and sharing bits of.

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This simple yet powerful tips resource provides meaningful evidence-based practical and effective tips for initial weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. It touches on key topics that help remind us to initiate and ingrain long-term healthy behaviors. It points out small meaningful steps that we can all take on the road to a healthier weight. Take advantage of Dr. Sasse's insight and reading of the scientific literature to make your own weight loss journey a success.


I figured I might share with you a tip or ten as I make my way through the book. 

Immediately upon opening the book, I find something I do wrong. Nearly every single day.

Tip Numero Uno is?!  EAT BREAKFAST. 

Dr. Sasse says that eating breakfast turns on the metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day, and that skipping breakfast might lead to overdoing it with calories later in the day and into the night.  This is an awful pattern that leads to fat storages and weight gain.  Oh.  Really?  *she slinks away*

Beth never eats breakfast.  She's a baaaad girl.  Thing is, I don't wake up hungry, that kicks in.... LATER IN THE DAY.

Dr. Sasse says that you have to make breakfast a habit, like getting up and going to bathroom, you've got to EAT.  Oh.

He also recommends that breakfast is the perfect time to eat a protein bar, a healthy one with lots of protein and little carbs of course, because it won't trigger a blood sugar rush and crash. 


Which means, my sometimes breakfast of choice is FINE.

It seems so simple, but it really isn't.  Making a habit is difficult.  This is one of those I have to work on, and it's going to take time.

Well, seeing as you're going to be hearing about all of my bad habits if I continue this series of 101, let's hear about you.

  • Do YOU eat breakfast every morning?
  • What do you eat for breakfast?
  • How long do you feel satiated before eating again?
  • Do you feel that your food choices help in maintaining weight loss or losing weight?

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