Heh. This would be ME, but add a kid or four.

Bissell SpotBot

Last night Mr. had a plate'o'leftovers  (OMG?  NO WAY!) near him while he did homework.  Somehow, he dumped the plate, containing fiery-hot butternut squash on his feet, and schmeared it ALL into the rug in the "office."  I was already telling him that I was ready to call the nice rug cleaners to come and suck these carpets.  We have been living in this house for a year, with off white rugs in several rooms.  Surprisingly they aren't bad, since I banish shoes from the house, but... Butternut Squash?  Eww.

But because I have no memory of it - my parents gave us a Bissell Spot-Bot LAST year - in which I stuck in the closet and immediately forgot about.  I found it when I was putting away a NEW gift for under the tree.  We also have a hand-held scrubby gadget, which I have been using on stains as necessary, but this is different.

Picture 17
You can set this little machine to spray, scrub, brush and suction out your stains, by itself.  It has two settings: one for surface stains, that is a quick cycle that beeps to indicate it's finished, and a longer cycle for set-in stains.  I used the "set-in" cycle for the squash mess from last night.  Mr. had cleaned it up with a towel and rubbed it into the carpet.Picture 18

It worked great -- all squash staining is gone.  I just placed it on each area, set it and let it work. 

I wish the SpotBot had a bigger circumference, to do a larger area at once, I had to keep moving this and re-doing in circles.   It would be awesome for the stairs, but... it makes circles.  I need rectangles.  It does have a hand-held option, but I was testing it's automatic-ness today.

Also, it requires a ton of cleaning liquid.  I refilled the water + cleaner container five times just in this tiny room so far.

Picture 19

But, it did the trick.  Now, it's quite obvious that the entire room needs a deep cleaning, I've got little circle spots that are cleaner than the rest of the carpet.  Uh.

  • Product - Bissell SpotBot
  • Price - $100-$140ish
  • Via - Amazon
  • Pros - Automatic cleaning cycle for pesky nasty squash (or worse) stains, works quickly and well.
  • Cons - Leaves UFO spots on slighty dingy carpeting.
  • Rating - Domestically Challenged Mamaworthy.

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