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Obesity Help Atlanta Event 2009 Photos

Bring me some grits.


They say nobody does it like the folks down in Georgia.  That Southern Hospitality is at it's best there.  We shall see.  I found New York cold, fast and creepy, let's see about Atlanta.

bowl of grits

Can I haz grits?  That's all I give a damn about.  Where Are The Grits?  Beth wants a tiny baby bowl of grits and bacon.  Please.  It's got to be tiny, because the love I have for grits does not outweigh the death they bring.

I guess this is to say - if I don't post again before then - I am getting up at dark o'thirty to leave at dark o'clock tomorrow morning.  I'm going sans laptop because, I think I left my umbilicus for it in Rye Brook.  I'm bitter about that hotel because they charged me for the interwebs which I never used, and bounced my checking account that I never use that I put "on file" for "incidentals."  I don't use "incidentals."  I know better than $The MiniBar$. 

I'm trying to finagle a few freebies for give-aways at the event - and finding my super-duty generic Spanx to shove my 15 lbs. of buttered bagel into last year's dress clothes. 

All I can say about that is, at least it's an Obesity HELP conference, because, I FIT THE HELL IN.  We ALL look like ME. 

I should feel the urge to let my bat wings fly there.  I should.  I don't.  But, I should.

If you're coming - see you there - talk to me. I don't know anybody - and even if I do - I won't remember you - so say HI!

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