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Black Friday Deal - About Time

Left Over.

Thanksgiving, came and went, and as I predicted, I have a huge pile of leftovers.  Squash, potatoes....and....

... an ENTIRE roasted turkey in the fridge.  The. whole. thing.  YUM.  I will get to slicing it tomorrow, and prepare meat for sandwiches, turkey soup, and stick the rest in the freezer.  I am out of foil, bags and my containers are just, all lids and no containers, so, a trip for storage is overdue.  I don't know how I spent $300++ on food and forgot to get foil and freezer bags.


Anyway - what did I eat?  Nothing.  Not technically, but sorta.

I nibbled on cheese while waiting for dinner, one of my faves, a hard cranberry cheese, and that nearly killed me in the process of digestion, but I LOVE it. 


Then, the bacon from the roast turkey, and the yolk from one deviled egg.  By the time dinner actually STARTED, I could not eat. 

I took a few bites of Mr's plate, mashed potatoes and butternut squash, and that was it.  Done.  After dinner, for dessert?  A couple pieces of cauliflower, and later, fresh whipped cream with no pie.  :)  PERFECT DESSERT.  I don't need anything but whipped cream.  Swoon.DSC_6927

Now, we're all cleaned up, the baby has crashed into bed, and I'm likely to follow soon, wait, it's only 6pm? 

We didn't get any photos done, it was cruddy outside, and I frankly forgot, and we were missing one of the babies I want in the shots.

So, the vote is in -- next year we are GOING OUT come hell or high water.    I am hoping to snag tickets to eat at Plimoth Plantation WITH THE DAMN PILGRIMS.


The cost + work + time spent in the kitchen + cleaning + re-packing food does not = time spent eating nor enjoying.  It's simple math. 

The kids could really care less, a roast turkey is no big deal, we have that all the time, you know?  But, going OUT and having a special dinner, is rare.  Maybe next year the little one will be able to handle a full dinner out with extended family without having to leave mid-meal?  I can only hope.

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