How to cook a MF'ing turkey.
Job opp! "Reading Tuter Wanted for 5 year old in our house."

Long overdue.

It's been a really long time since I got the kids in a pile of leaves with the camera.DSC_0071

A really long time.


Here I am, up at 4:30, NOT cooking, but I had a super-wicked-bad-dream, and figured, why bother going back to bed?  So, the laundry is in, the kitchen is ready, and here I am, thinking about Family Photos.  We haven't had a family photo taken since... 2007?  Not one of all of us since then.  Rut roh.

I mean, these rolls?  They are from 2007.  These kids are like, in college now.


I must catch up.  You would think that with thousands of photographs, I would have a piles of the kids.  I don't.  I don't think to carry the camera with us all the time, but you know what, we miss some of the best moments!

Who are these kids?


We need to get outside with everybody and get some photos done before, you know, 2010.  Jeez.


Although I suppose I could edit these and pass them off as now, you know, TWO YEARS LATER.  Most of the peeps I would send a card to, wouldn't know the difference.  :X

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