You think you've got skin issues?
You memba what I said? Huh?

The grass, being greener, it's all pretty much the same isn't it?

Today is Mr's last day of work.  I don't know if I mentioned anything (did I?) because it seems ludicrous considering he just got this job, I know.  But, he resigned. 

The company was extraordinarily nice to him about it, asked if there was anything they could do to make him stay, and he had to really, really think it over.  This has been quite a process.  Please note, he's not crazy.  He is actually just going back to his former job, but in a different location seeing as they had to replace him.

Why?  From where I sit, I know that a big part of it is truly the commute.  He went from a job in the town WE LIVE IN to a very large town more than one hour away with traffic.  He was used to getting up and going to work just a few miles away, to getting up and leaving early and getting home late.  I told him he was crazy to take it in the first place, even if he money seemed better, it all washes out. 

I know lots of Moms + Dads commute and work far away from home, and work long hours, so apparently he was spoiled and it's not like he's making millions to make it worth being away 24/7. 

I tell you right now that if I landed a job say....pimping out dark chocolate!? in the city, for $XX,XXX a year, I would haul MY sorry arse to the train station at 5am if I had to, and I know lots DO, and that's why they have the big shiny houses not bought from a foreclosure sale, childcare and Range Rovers, too.  ;) 

Meet the Real Housewives of Massachusetts, right here.

He also got used to the opportunity to get HOME at the drop of a hat if I needed him, and the fact that I did not drive for a year, I really needed him to be available to get a sick kid, etc.  And, it's always a reality here...

I am sure I told you about the police coming to my house because I did not answer the PHONE last month or so?  Yeah, well.  That happened, and he couldn't get me by phone, email or checking in, so... he thought I had a seizure and died. 

Other than the obvious -- I think he was a bit underwhelmed or bored?  The thing is he needs to be busy -- and like projects and troubleshooting.  Sitting in a big, old-fashioned style bank, I think he was twiddling his fingers waiting for things to go wrong.  (I know, it sounds nuts.)  Consider the location, he should have been thankful he wasn't taken hostage, but he's got a few hours left.

So.  It's over, and things are left on a good note.  He starts back to his old company on Monday, everything will be the same just with a new location and staff.  After things get sorted out, he will be back to writing his own schedule and perhaps being available to us more, again.  It does work out a bit favorably, with a match in the pay he took to leave, and cutting the commute down, he's increasing his income.  With him working where he was, there was NO way I could consider taking on anything even part time (unless the above situation happened) but with this one, there's at least a slight opportunity.  Of course it's pretty unlikely with no extraneous child-care, but, I like to know that I have a LITTLE bit of time to consider it, you know... if the Willy Wonka company calls me.

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