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A Typical DS Diet in Pictures

Post by Bronwen, DS Sister -

So, it's the new year, and a lot of people have made resolutions to do something, anything, about their weight.  There are Weight-Loss boards flooded right now with people looking for solutions.  Many people are coming to the end of their collective rope and are contemplating surgery.  It's important to choose your surgery before you choose your surgeon, and also to choose a surgery that will allow you to eat in a way that you are going to be able to maintain.  Be real, people - I knew I could never maintain a low-fat, low-sugar, low-calorie diet in the long run.  Been there, done that, outgrew every size T-shirt on the way up to a 4x.  Melting Mama has chronicled for years what she's been eating.  I figure I'll do the same today, just to show you the differences.

Ok, so I was thinking about trying to explain what it is I can eat, being a 3.5 year DS (Duodenal Switch) post-op, and I thought pictures would be helpful, too.  I took these photos about two weeks ago, so they aren't exactly typical in that I don't eat out every day.  Most of the time, I pack my lunch.  Since I was Christmas shopping, I got to have lunch at an actual restaurant!

So for breakfast:
December 2009 023
I hit the Dunkin Donuts and had a large Iced Coffee with cream and sugar, hash browns, and a sausage, egg, and cheese on a croissant.  I threw away the bottom of the croissant because I got the hash browns.  The coffee lasted me most of the morning, as I sipped it as I shopped.

Then, there was a snack that I had when I stopped home to drop off the first round of packages:
December 2009 024
It's a piece of homemade peanut butter candy dipped in chocolate that one of my husband's coworkers made.  It was pretty good!

I went back out for more shopping, stashed my purchases in the trunk, and went to Panera for lunch (mmmmmmm!!!!!!).
December 2009 025
It was pretty sunny in my window seat.  I got the BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad, a piece of whole-grain baguette (and 7 pats of butter), a diet pepsi, and a shortbread cookie.  It was heavenly!

I got home late in the afternoon and was starving, so I had a snack.  I made iced coffee at home and heated up some party-sized meatballs that I'd had left over in the fridge.
December 2009 026

Later, I made a salad for dinner, too.  This isn't really typical of me, either, since I'd normally nom a pot roast waaaaaay before I'd crunch up a salad, but they just tasted good to me.  So here was my Asian Chicken Salad:
December 2009 027
I threw a bag of salad in the bowl, chopped up some cilantro and onions, and threw on some chow mein noodles and salted cashews.  Had I had a red pepper in the drawer, I'd have julienned some of it and mixed it in there too, but alas, I was pepper-free.

There was dessert, too.
December 2009 028
More homemade candy - a caramel and a piece of toffee, and a Yodel!

About 9:30, my stomach started growling again, so I had my last snack.
December 2009 029
Extra sharp cheddar cheese and some whole wheat crackers with the rest of my iced coffee.

It looks like a lot, now that I see it all laid out in pictures.  You certainly would never suspect that I'd had eighty-five percent of my stomach removed.  I take my time eating, but it's not abnormally slow.  I don't have any food intolerances, although I've heard of people that do - lactose intolerance is fairly common after RNY and DS.  I had a cast-iron stomach before my DS.  I suspect that my surgeon had to use a laparoscopic blowtorch to cut through it.

I know a few of you are thinking "Regain?"  The answer is no.  I maintain between 152-157 naturally by eating this way.  If I go above 157, I throttle back on the sweets and my weight drops back into range.  It's also important to note that I didn't start eating cookies and candy until I'd lost the majority of my weight - I lost 145 pounds total, and have maintained that loss.  I weigh every day.  That doesn't work for everyone, but it's what works for me.

I didn't show my vitamins in there - I took 'em, though!  Breakfast, lunch, and bedtime.

So that's my DS Diet in pictures.  Any questions?

/Bronwen's post

MM adds - You know, that intake quantity is about the same as I can eat at five years however many months out now with a RNY.  HOWEVER, we know that eating like that with an RNY = My Ass.

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