Another post where I abuse the word SERIOUSLY. Banding without, the band?

Deputy Daddy.

Mr. has found it.  "The" part-time opportunity.  He is a Bank Branch Manager II and AVP.  He likes his job, and has been in this same field since 2001.  But, he has always been seeking a part time position.  We have nearly always been a one working parent family, and income is always an issue.  No matter when.

He's been an EMT, a guard at a Senior Living facility, and has recently renewed his EMT license, and applied to use it, but no offers yet.

If you ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up?  Police Officer.  Absolutely.  He was >this< close to actually joining the Army in senior year of high school.  He hoped to somehow be involved in Military Policing or Emergency Medicine, but life happened, and have you met my 12 year old daughter?  He lost 100 pounds for the recruitment process!  But, it never happened.  I shouldn't really say, "THANK GOODNESS."  But, that was my reaction.

So when he stumbled upon this opportunity a few days ago, he jumped on it.  Immediately and with sheer determination. The paperwork alone?  Whoa.  Including a hand-written biography.  It would mean part time shifts as a Deputy Sheriff in our county.  Part time policing, flagging, etc.  You should see his excitement over this.  Assuming he can meet all requirements:

• a U.S. Citizen
• Background/ Criminal History check (Board of Probation (BOP)/ Interstate Identification Index (III) must be clear with no convictions.
• Have an Excellent Driving Record
• Initial Interview Process
• Possess a Massachusetts Driver’s License
• Possess Health/ Medical Insurance
• Be able to obtain a Massachusetts Firearms License to Carry- Class A

 ...he would love this opportunity.

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