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I found our Christmas present!

Paula Deen's Eyeballs Caused Temporary Insanity

Don't ask how it got here, but I have a copy of Paula Deen's Holiday Baking magazine.  

I think I purchased it because the front cover scared the shit out of me with her photoshopped eyeballs, or Mr. did to send the subliminal message to BakeMoahCookiezPlz.  (I'm not.  None.  Not at all.  If Santa gets any cookies, they are to be purchased That. Day. at the bakery.) 

Is please to gaze into the spherical blueness.  "You are getting hypgglycemic..."


I flipped through the magazine to see all the goodies I won't be making, and I saw Bacon Salt!  I was like, "Hey!  Look!  They have made it to the big time!  Paula Deen Is Pimping Bacon Salt!"

Click here for All things Bacon Salt.

 Picture 4 

Toddlers and Tiaras, anyone?

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