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Where can I find bariatric foods and supplements in Massachusetts?


I get a lot of "where can I find ____ in _______, MA?" queries here.  Thing is, it can be difficult to find specific WLS-friendly products out there in the stores, impossible at big-box stores, and don't get me started about getting help at a G N C.

Someone today wanted "chewable calcium for WLS in Wareham, MA."  Well, there's Wal Mart, Target and GNC.  Whoop dee doo.

Wouldn't you love a local bariatric-themed shop?  (Yes. Please.)  But, if that doesn't exist, and you cannot find what you need in your area -- my suggestion is to shop online.  There are a billionty places to do so. Many of which are linked Right Here.  I know, there are folks out there who plain refuse to do so.  

Or -- you need to get personal with the product before you purchase?  Well, as much as you can with a bottle of vitamins. 

There are a few locations that I am aware of that have some WLS-friendly goods.

First, you know about GastricBypassSupplements.com, right?  They are a super-cool sponsor of MM.net, but they are also sortakindabutnotreally local to me.  You can visit their actual store, Faunce Corner Nutrition in North Dartmouth, MA.

Marc, the store's owner, and his staff are very helpful and personable, and totally worth the visit.

Find them at:

Faunce Corner Nutrition 
350 Faunce Corner Road 
North Dartmouth, MA 02747 
(508) 998-2155

Next, Cape Cod Nutrition, in Hyannis and Plymouth, MA.  I haven't been in to the Hyannis location, but they do carry a host of things we can use.  The Plymouth store has a limited selection of protein items, and some vites and supplements, but they do not carry bariatric-specific items.  (Though I have asked.) I've met two of the employees, one seemed awfully new and didn't know what I was talking about when I asked for a certain protein product, but they were both pleasant.

Find them at:

Cape Cod Nutrition Corner 
75 Iyannough Rd. Hyannis, MA 02601
221 Colony Place Plymouth, MA 02360

Up north?  You can visit Nashua Nutrition -- which may be the only bariatric-only shop that I am aware of in our area.  I've been there, they've got a nice spread of WLS foods and supplements, I left with a big bag of goodies when we visited.

Find them at:

Nashua Nutrition 522 Amherst Street Suite 1 Nashua, NH 03063

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