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The Fatty Grim Reaper Comes To Call.

You ask me what I think about weighing in, scales, etc.

For some people, having a scale in the home is simply too much, and causes more distress than necessary.  

I am not one of those people.  I can take it.  (Most of the time.)  

That said, I know I avoid weighing in when I am aware that the needle is going in the wrong direction: the last many months.  And, I also am aware that I Hop On The Scale Happily When It's Going Down!

Early after weight loss surgery, the scale was my BFF 4-EVA.  11 lbs a week!  SURE!  These days, no.  

But, when I see some positive results, I am immediately reinforced and realize that a scale SOMETIMES, JUST SOMETIMES can be a great (I am going to say it) TOOL (end saying it) in this here weight loss thing. 

Like?  When I DROPPED EIGHT POUNDS during "The Fresh Diet" and just after.  

Eight motherfucking pounds.  How's THAT for a endorsement?  Pffffft.

Guys.  I haven't seen a LOSS?  In, six months, a year?   Picture 19 

I haven't tracked my weight actively since at least January.  I weighed in sporadically, saw a 189 and DIED.  I haven't posted actual numbers because there are People Out There who LOVE this shit.  Yes, I have whined about it, I told you, I needed to buy 14/16's!  I wasn't kidding.

Others prey on it.  "Oh, look!  Another failure!"  Go, MM!  "She's supposed to be an INSPIRATION.  Don't listen to her, she's a Dorito Eating Failure."  (MM doesn't touch chips.  She'd die.  Just saying.)

To them?  "Fuck you."  With the the sweetest smile, evah.  

Because, "Honey?  I've seen your ass.  Success is relative."

I thought seeing a 160! 170! 175! 180! again was bad.  No.  Hitting 189-190 lbs. again is much, much worse.  

It's like The Grim Reaper is coming back to drag you over 200 lbs.

HE comes and says, "NO MORE ONE-DERLAND FOR YOU!"

I'm over here, in a thumb-war with the Fatty Grim Reaper.   At 181 lbs.Costume-grim-reaper-clipart

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