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I forgot the frosting.

Upcal D Powdered Calcium + GIVEAWAY!

Want a huge canister of UpCalD?  

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Gastric Bypass sent me a canister of Upcal D, a powdered form of calcium citrate and vitamin D supplementation.  

The maker of Upcal, says, it's "virtually tasteless.'  

Let's see about THAT.  Because if SO?  It's an automatic "Pouchworthy" in sinfully ugly package. 


Upcal D

  • Powdered calcium for stronger bones.
  • Concentrated source of Calcium Citrate and Vitamin D3
  • Provides the daily requirements to effectively maintain and improve bone tissue, helping in the battle against osteoporosis.
  • Flavorless powder allows it to be mixed with a variety of beverages and foods without altering their original flavor.
  • Eliminates crushing large pills.
  • Takes calcium off of your medication list.
  • Will not plug enteral feeding tubes.
  • Transparent to the patient.
  • Economical for budgets.

I snagged the bullet points straight from the manufacturers website, because obviously I am worried about sneaking this into my husband's food.  O-o  (Kidding.)  It is good to know, though, that they suggest that it can be given to the old folks in the home without much distress, so us post weight loss surgery folks should be okay with it as well.

I am still scared.

::going to go get the packet and do a live taste test for you::

I ripped, photographed, poured, swirled, sniffed and sipped.

There is no detectable odor in the powder before mixing.  Though, make a joke about snorting it.


The powder stays suspended in the liquid for a while, then settles.  I waited to see if it would.  It did.  There is a texture - it's a very fine powder - but no taste.

So, I would mix this in a small amount of water and CHUG it back or into a larger drink that you are sipping at, if only because you're sensitive like me and can see it in your water.  

There isn't any taste.  I'm waiting for it.  Nothing.  Win.

  • Product - Upcal D
  • Via -
  • Price - $11.95 for 114 scoop servings, or 120 packet servings
  • Pros - It actually is virtually tasteless, 500 mg elemental (absorbable calcium citrate), some vitamin D, can mix in water or other liquids/foods, can totally trick your spouse into taking it.
  • Cons - You still need to take it 4+ times a day. Ugly packaging, graphic design FAIL.  Just saying.  Manufacturer, take note:  redesign packaging = sell more to WLS'ers.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM


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