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Calcet Creamy Calcium Citrate Bites in Chocolate

Our USPS delivery woman just came.  I am sure she's afraid of my beast - because the box from Celebrate Vitamins was totally abandoned in the middle of the yard.  I am glad I found it when I did, so it wasn't shredded to bits or melted!

 Good for peanut butter.

BUT!  I have them!  I have been talking about this product for months.  And?  Months.  And they're finally HERE.

I immediately went outside to take pictures, because I'm a big dork, and Tristan asked for the bubble wrap.  Fail.  No bubbles.  Instead, she got paper and a box and went straight to town filling it.


And, guess what?  The 'blister packaging' is easier to open.  Celebrate talked to the manufacturer and made them change it because MM bitched about it.  (Or so I'd like to think.)  DSC_8903 

Oh, you again?  It's been so long since our last rendezvous. I didn't even have to do the requisite SNIFF, STARE, NIBBLE that I do with every product review.  I just sort of inhaled it.  Okay, well, I took half a bite, as delicately as I could to show you the insides, because the highly-photoshopped Calcet Calcium Chews freaked me out.

It's a little kinda-sorta brownie bite.  Not so much a vitamin and/or supplement so much as a piece of candy, kids.  

It's soft, with a chocolaty coating, and creamy, but airy chocolate center.  Very light and easy to eat, not at all chewy, gooey, caramel-y (as I saw it described on another site selling them) or heavy.  I cannot taste the calcium, it's quite sweet, there's no obvious grit either, which you might find in a calcium supplement.


Which, can be a problem, if you have a problem with keeping your paws outtatheboxofthecalciumchews.  It happens.  A suggestion?  If you really like a product like THIS, and it gets you to take calcium you otherwise might not, get the packets broken up and split up into daily allotments ASAP before you just leave the box chilling in the kitchen.  Y'know, if you're likely to go for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... at a time.


"With a delicious chocolate flavor and cake-like texture, Calcet Creamy Bites are the premier calcium citrate available. Each Creamy Bite is packaged in an individual Nitropak package and sealed with PharmaSeal for guaranteed freshness. Every moist and chewy bite provides 500 mg of calcium citrate and 400 IU of vitamin D. Each box contains 30 Calcet Creamy Bites. Supplemental calcium is critical for every patient undergoing surgical weight loss to ensure bone health and the most recommended form is calcium citrate.

  • 500 mg of calcium citrate.
  • 400 IU of vitamin D.
  • Delicious taste!
  • Moist and creamy texture.
  • Chocolate Fudge flavor.
 Picture 52

  • Product - Calcet Creamy Calcium Citrate Bites in Chocolate
  • Via - Celebrate Vitamins. thanks!
  • Also available through - Gastric Bypass Supplements, BJ's Bariatrics they'd love it if you went through them to get them, and they get them through Celebrate anyway.  ;)
  • Price - $12.99 
  • Pros - Super tasty way to get in your calcium, easier to open, um, hello -- chocolate?
  • Cons - Tastes like candy, you may have to sit on your hands, contains calories, sugar and carbs.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM

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