Happy freaking six year surgery anniversary damn it!
What the hell happened, MM?

Giveaway - What will YOU DO for Better Health?

In support of National Women's Health Week - GE has launched a “Healthymagination” initiative, Pledge for Better Health (May 9 – May 15).  To raise awareness, they've got a online campaign running, where you "pledge" what you are doing to better your own health.  

Click below to enter your pledge, and enter to win a gift card.

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  • Submit a Pledge for Better Health - What are you doing to better your health?
  • Leave a comment below WITH YOUR PLEDGE LINK to let me know you've entered your pledge!
  • One entry via the above link will be selected at random for a $20 gift card sent from GE, and a matching $20 gift card from MM!
  • To health!
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