A high and a low.
Would she have the DS again?

I failed my test.

I failed wait, it's a good result, actually, if that makes any sense for my mixed meal blood testing.   Picture 89
I picked a DEFINITE TRIGGER FOOD - a glazed cake donut - and ate as much of it as I felt comfortable eating without dropping dead.  Someone on Facebook asked:  "Why would you do that to yourself?"  Um, because, it's a DEFINITE TRIGGER FOOD.  I WANTED A REACTION.  I wanted my blood sugar to DROP DRAMATICALLY LOW.   I don't make a habit of eating donuts, even if I post about that kind of thing, often.  (It's usually just to piss you off.)

 My blood sugar went from 80 > *ate a donut* > 193 > 67.   IN THREE FREAKING HOURS.  That's it?  That's all you have?

I drop to the 30's when I eat cereal.  I am less than impressed with my body today.  The cut-off for this test is 55 mg. of blood glucose.  I never dropped that low, CRAZY!

The endocrinologist suggested that it's possible that a single food, a single time, while sitting and not doing anything isn't enough.  Had I been home, cleaning house, out walking, or had eaten in a pattern, I'd likely have DROPPED INTO A COMA.  (My words.)  

I often drop on much less, much, much quicker.  

This was the longest three hours of my life.  At least this time, I did not shit my pants, or have a seizure. 

I guess it wasn't a total fail.  (I mean, I passed.  My body did the RIGHT THING.)  LOL.

The treatment is the same, regardless, since I still have a serious problem.  Dietary controls and medication.  I am not seeking further pancreas testing at this time, it doesn't look like I am dealing with an insulinoma that would be removed surgically.

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