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MM's Prisonyard Playground


If Mama's stuck here for ANOTHER three hundred and thirtysomeodd days, this house and yard kindasortawillhave to become a playground or mental institution.   

It started with emptying the Lake Crackhouse.  It's empty, and half-destroyed.  The next step the complete destruction of the pool and surrounding area and adding 24 x 36 x 12 feet of fill and smoothing it out.  

 We got a quote from a local contractor (who wore the best cologne I have EVER smelled, I wish I asked) for the job, using some sand/dirt from our own property, and we might be able to do it (exciting! I've been waiting to kill this eyesore/mosquito pit since we moved here!) if Mr. Smells So Good can take payments like Rent-A-Center. 

If so!  Part one complete of - MM Prisonyard Playground!  This pool GONE!

But, MM, Why do you want it gone?  I'm not a fan of The Drowning.  I have a fear of a kid falling in the water and me not being able to save her because I've had a seizure.  Unrealistic, but the Dr's tell me NOT TO TAKE A BATH ALONE, think about it.

I was watching a show about jail last night, and thought, "We could do THAT, too!" when looking at the ways to keep inmates busy and physically entertained.  A prison yard with things to do.  That's what we need.  

It is kindasortalike reverse minimum security prison when you can't leave your house on your own.  You DO feel trapped.  You DO need things to do, or you WILL make prison knives out of wire bits just for something to do.  

Not so much "me" per se because I apparently keep myself busy without doing much of anything (I have said, this whole seizure thing would be much, much easier if I didn't have to worry about little people) but the kids, no.  

I have four kids, the older two have had a mobile parent at least most of the time, so it hasn't been that big of an issue for them, they have been able to make-do often, and will keep themselves occupied.  The boy, if asked, will go play Legos.   My oldest, has always crafted, drawn, colored, read, etc.

I have an eight year old who paces like a bull all day long, who has never really known how to play by herself.  She needs me to tell her what to do, and will respond with a "no," to every. single. suggestion.  But, give her kids to play with?  And, she's good for HOURS, so long as they stay around.  But they don't, they just aren't here.  I figured, give her a trampoline -- at least she might bounce. 

 Every friend of hers has a trampoline, each time I pick her up, she's red and sweaty from bouncing.  She loves that kind of thing.  If I can find more outlets like this - that we can have AT HOME - why not?  I can't get her to "______ lessons" so... what is she supposed to do?  This is the kid who cries, because she calls friends, and they are busy every single day of the week with activities.  Ballet, soccer, music, art, gymnastics, skating, and a party!  Then, she's pouting, because our big outing is grocery shopping. 

The little one has been stuck at home for the majority of her life, so it isn't much of a change to be stuck at home again.  I had my first grand mal seizure on 1-10-2008, and stopped driving then, too.  But, she's older now, and definitely bored.  It was easier keeping 2 year old occupied who I could lock in the house than a 3-going-on-4-who-wants-to-run-away.  

So, either, we work with what we have or we move to a Horsey Farm or The City.


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