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Hypoglycemic Signs and Symptoms Explained


Just.  Pffft.  I cannot even comment right now.  This is a message just posted on Obesity Help regarding testing for hypoglycemia  - MM

"I just came across this message string. I had RNY GB in 2006 and developed severe hypoglycemia with syncope and seizures about 18 months later.  

Dietary changes did absolutely nothing. High carb meals cause spikes and drops, but avoiding them does also. I wore a continuous glucose monitor for five days that showed I bottomed out during the night every night dangerously low. I had to set my alarm to eat something every two hours during the night. What a pain!!! After trying Diazoxide and Octreotide unsuccessfully, I had an 85% distal pancreatectomy July 09 at Johns Hopkins. The pathology confirmed nesidioblastosis. They were doing a study on this condition. 

After doing a study on me, they believe the cause is the GLP-1 gut hormone that is triggering the abnormal release of insulin and causing an enlarging of the beta cells in the pancreas. I was episode free for the first few months and even required insulin injections. 

Eventually the hypoglycemia returned necessitating stopping the insulin. Now I still experience some episodes although not as severe as before and now they are talking about doing a GB takedown or reversal. 

They hypothesize that the bypassed portion of the gut (where GLP-1 is produced) is the culprit and using that portion of my intestine again should solve the problem but they really don't know the optimal treatment and I am basically a guinea pig. 

Unfortunately, I had so so many severe episodes pre-pancreatectomy and so many seizures that I now have confirmed permanent brain damage (cognitive, memory and difficulty dealing with stress) and am disabled. If you are experiencing severe hypoglycemia, do not put off doing something about it. Waiting too long can cause irreversible damage."

Yeah, about that

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