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 Picture 23Wait, it can't be?  It can!  And, by "no freaking way," I meant, "Awesome!"  "Great!"  "Fantastic!"  Not, "No freaking way."

Your diet program may dissuade the use of carbonation because you might IMPLODE.  Mine doesn't.  Bottoms up. 

After getting inappropriately excited over a protein supplement with bubbles -- XAPP sent me some to try and tell you all about it.  

First thing I noticed:  HOLY CRAP THIS IS A HUGE CAN.  The XAPP can is 24 ounces!  (Now, please tell me why my Diet Coke doesn't come this way?)  Moving on.  It's not about the size.  XAPP is on top of this and is making a "Lean Can" size as well.

I opened the Pomegranate Acai flavor first, because it was blue.  That's simple.  The drink?  Was also, blue.  Sniffed?  It was a little fruity, no obvious OMGTHISISPROTEINKILLMENOW smell.  

I still?  Could not get over the size and heft of the damn can.  

I sipped.  It had a light berry-fruit taste, with bubbles!  I was immediately reminded of Sugar Free Energy Drinks that also come in cans.  I wanted to mix the two together instantly. Protein + energy!  Maybe because it was the bubbles talking.

Sipping again, to tried to detect protein, it's not THAT obvious, but it's in there!  This can has a whopping 40 grams of whey protein isolate.  But, it isn't very protein-y.  (That's my word.)

I handed the can to Mr. MM who I am converting to a blogger.  He was TERRIFIED to touch it.  A little coaxing, and he sniffs and sips.  "Oh, I like THIS!"  

Figures.  The man won't try anything, but when he does, he likes.

I just this moment popped open a can of the Apple Grape flavor.  It smells like, apple juice.  I used to love apple juice.  It tastes sweet and sour, a tiny bit like cider, and bubbles?  Oh, hard cider!  I kid.  I like this one more!  Maybe like a Granny Smith Apple!  I like this one a lot. 

I am waiting for any protein aftertaste - and it's not happening.  Good stuff.

 Picture 22

  • Product - XAPP Carbonated Protein Fitness Drink
  • Via - Next Proteins
  • Price - $4/each
  • Pros - Whey protein isolate in BUBBLES!  Who knew!  Sweetened with sucralose.  Will be available in 40G and 20 G varieties and more flavors.
  • Cons - Huge cans (ha ha), sliiiiiiight protein taste.
  • Rating - Burpworthy, MM.

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