Hooters Waitress wearing an XS told to "tighten up" because she's too fat. HA.
Hi from Costa Mesa!

But I am not a terrorist.

I have decided a non-stop flight is a good thing, because gets the pain job done all in one shot, however, next time I need medication.  

We had a little turbulence.  When the flight attendant announced that it would be about "twenty more minutes of bouncing around, please keep your seatbelts fastened" I almost threw up.  I don't do well with movement, drops, shifts, shaking, anything that messes with my center of gravity.  

I was perfectly FINE until that one SWOOOOSH DROP and my stomach fell out of my ass and I wanted to climb out of the window and fly home on my batwings.  I always look around to see the responses of folks in the plane, to see if I am the only one FREAKING THE FUCK OUT because I do, because I don't need to be restrained and questioned because they think I am a terrorist.

It seemed most people were chill, watching our freebie JetBlue movies, so, it was mostly me.  

I did some labor breathing techniques and eventually the swoosh drops stopped and I didn't want to break a window anymore.  I have never had a panic attack, but that would have very quickly Gone There, and I don't think I ever want to feel a full-on panic.  Ever.

Other times that I have gone on flights, they've been shorter or not direct, and I haven't had to deal with 5 hours and 45 minutes of climbing the walls.  I can't even fathom the anxiety someone with a serious anxiety issue might feel in that situation.  

So, knock my ass out next time.  If I need to be on a long flight, I want to be sedated, at least enough so that I am not giving birth in my very small chair. 

My seat-mate confided that she had taken some drugs, hence she was feeling pretty good while we were watching Alice in Wonderland.  LOL.

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