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Finding comfort in her own skin after losing 279 lbs.

This is just a bit of an article I just read online, but I identified with it very much, I thought I would share.

The Desert Sun-

When Carrie Hanenberger gets dressed, she pulls and tugs at her flesh, folding it over and tucking 

the loose skin into her clothing. 


“I just want to wear pants that fit,” she sighs. “I've worked so hard.” It's been two years since the 29-year-old had gastric bypass surgery, and she barely resembles the woman she once was. Her face, once round, now has strong, chiseled bones. Her figure is now slender, no longer husky. Overall, the Yucca Valley woman has lost 279 pounds, bringing her down to a sleeker, fitter 189. Still, this is not the body she wants. 

This size 16 woman would actually be a size 10 or 12 if it wasn't for all the excess flesh that hangs on her upper arms and around her abdomen. Hanenberger carries about 40 pounds on her frame in skin alone. â€œI feel like a melting candle,” she says. 

Hanenberger is self-conscious about the excess skin. However, the procedure to remove it is potentially dangerous and expensive. 

Hanenberger consulted with five plastic surgeons, and the lowest estimate was $85,000. â€œI can still get around and move, but it's difficult. The skin gets in the way. It's cumbersome,” she says. “People kept telling me that I'm young, it'll snap right back. But that wasn't the case.” 

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