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If you throw a three year old in the river...


I hate to make an obvious reference, but IT WAS HOT OUT THERE TODAY.   (Don't you hate it when people talk about the weather?!  But then again, you may not know that it was hot in southeastern Massachusetts today.)

Days like today, before the summer even GETS here, makes me thankful that we DO live somewhat near the ocean, and it doesn't really get that warm here, it's always sort of diluted.  But as soon as we drive away - GACK, SPEW, YUCK!  I cannot live in the heat.  I would die.  I would.  I have these 'dreams' of living in the Sun! Sunny Days!  But who am I kidding?  I need to live in Maine.

My goal today - was to go out for breakfast.  It never happened - in fact we ended up with lunch - at 2pm out of brown bags.

We spent most of the day in the car, picking up children at various sleepovers, but in between, stopped and tried to toss a three year old in a river.  Because.  She is really.  Three.  And needs to be four soon.  Just saying.







Moah photos here.

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