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NY hospital program teaches lap band surgery post ops "how to" navigate through restaurant menus again

A hospital program in New York City teaches weight loss surgery post-ops how to eat again, well, how to EAT OUT, again. This might not seem like a big deal to you, but I s'pose if you lived in Manhattan?  ANYWAY!  What a cool idea this is!  

Although this seems entirely directed toward the gastric bander, it would be really neat to see something like this for a gastric bypass post or other surgery type as well.   "Picky Pouch Pleasing Parties?"  Take a bunch of RNYer's out to dinner, and hope for the best?  ;)


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Click the link to watch the video at NY1  -

Fielding says lap-band patients can eat pretty much anything if they just follow a few key rules. Those rules include eating slowly – taking small bites and waiting at least 30 seconds before taking another, and paying closer attention to portion sizes and the texture of foods they eat.

“Bread, for example, is difficult. One of the things we teach them is not to eat the bread rolls that are invariably put out with the meal because the bread will often block the band and then you can't eat normal food,” Fielding explains. “The objective with this is to eat normal food, but just eat a much smaller quantity.” 

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