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Sarah Ferguson is a... shopaholic? Also on the cover of WLS Lifestyles magazine.

Image: Sarah Ferguson


Just days ago, a British tabloid reported that Sarah Ferguson was caught on video offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, for $724,000. 

Now, she's going to tell her side of the story to Oprah.  

Why?  Today.msnbc says -

 “She’s totally broke,” one source told Us Weekly. “Her desperation led to the lack of judgment. What led to her financial situation? She never really made the transition from being a royal to being a civilian, according to the magazine.

“She’s a shopaholic, obsessed with designers like Chanel and Hermès,” the source told Us. “She didn’t know how to stop spending like a royal.”

Which is quite fitting, because I just noticed that she's on the COVER of the latest WLS LIFESTYLES magazine.  Yeah, we get it.  


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