How "mandajuice" feeds her children an all-natural diet on a budget!
I found one I like!

Want some free YUMMY PROTEIN? < ---- WINNER!


Banded Girl

Banded Girl said:

OMG, please? I'm running out of the protein powder I've had for a year and am looking for a good replacement!

This time from the lovely folks at Building Blocks, <insert game show voice> your choice of Building Blocks Meal Replacement Protein in ANY FLAVOR.


Want a canister?

Then -

SUBSCRIBE (you don't HAVE TO, it's a mere suggestion.  Has Nothing to do with the contest.  If fact, I am not allowed to even ask.  HA.)

And leave a comment.

A winner will be picked on Friday!

Thank you + to Building Blocks for free yummy protein.

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