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WLS Massholes, come out, come out, wherevah you ahh!

Where the hell are ya?  You know what?  I see you -- you are out there -- most of my readers in IN MASSACHUSETTS.  So.  TALK TO ME.  Here, join me at Facebook!  A group just for MASS-WLS'ers.

  Masshole MH Sticka

I just had lunch (don't read my review of the restaurant) with Marc (and his lovely wife!) of Gastric Bypass Supplements who is also a Masshole.    Picture 117

I say this, because it didn't really occur to me, that it really is a small world here, we're only a few towns apart.  His brick-and-mortar store is in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, where many of the post ops from Tobey Hospitals' Weight Loss Surgery Program find him.  He's local enough to those folks, so that they can go from their program - to an actual store and get bariatric product RIGHT THERE.  (Yeah, I had no idea how close I was to this program and it's groups.  I should go, or at least find someone who does ... tag along.)

It got me to rambling about how - "We don't have that... here."   I've whined about this before.

There aren't any weight loss surgery specific shops/stores or even sections in bigger stores that I know of, besides Nashua Nutrition in New Hampshire!  (Of which, I've been, ONCE, on the day of the Walk From Obesity.)

There are so many Bariatric Programs in our state.  So. Many.  I am surprised we don't have any WLS-related shops/stores -- you'd think?

I'm in the BIGGEST TOWN IN THE STATE, and we don't have a store with supplements in it.  (Now, I feel really awful for you guys that live in the east of nowhere.)

We were talking about weight loss surgery, post op support and finding what you need as a post op in stores in your area.  

  • Where DO you go?  
  • How DO you navigate through the stores to find what you need?  
  • Do you find that you get any help finding what you need?  
  • Do you feel out of place in many nutrition stores?  
  • Do you simply shop online?

I shared my frustration with the fact that I've always had to go through places like GNC, because, it's we have.  I even got a job there once, figuring I could at least get a discount, and help my peers, who I know would ultimately end up there eyes-glazed-over looking for vitamins.

You cannot GET the kind of answers you need at big nutrition stores.  They don't GET us.  Gastric Bypass Supplements gets us, if you can get to him.  ;)  Or get him online.  I am really hoping he branches out, maybe to, uhh, <cough> Wareham/Plymouth <cough> or <cough> anywhereIcangettoviapublictransport.  

PS.  I'll work there if you paint the walls bright pink.  And let me be OCD with sorting things on the shelves, alphabetically, and by color.

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