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No more teachers, no more books.

It feels like the year just started and it is over. Summer vacation started a few hours ago, and we've already had three complaints of boredom. Two kids are off at sleepovers, and one has a friend over. This will last? One day, and then, complaining will begin. You seriously have NO. IDEA. 

Yes, you would think suggesting that they "go find something to do!" when the whining begins? But it just does not work that way. While I can find "things" for them to do - I empathize because I know how much it SUCKS to be stuck here - since I can't leave either.  (Remember, we're $32.00 from ANYTHING one-way in a taxi, so that quick trip to the PO Box and grocery store?  $64.00 just to get there.)  

Summer sort of snuck up on me.  I've been brain dead, a millionty milligrams of anti seizure meds will do that.  I was supposed to have saved money to sign up the middle kids for camp, like last year, and have them go off to day camp at least for a few weeks of sessions.  I blanked on that.  I should be able to get that arranged for late summer.  I did, however, force the boy into football.  He's not happy, but he did not cry.  :x  We'll see about this.

So, here's to a very. long. summer. with. no. car. 

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