Bariatric Advantage ProJoe CHAI Drink!
No more teachers, no more books.

ProJoe Chai vs. Believe Chai

What follows are two 'completely different products.'

Projoe and Believe.  I (and others) were told that Believe was an exclusive product, not available in any other form, bottle, box or otherwise.  Read the ingredients.

So even if it's not an identical product, it IS the same bottle, the same ounces, the same ingredients, the same order, the same nutritional profile, out of the same factory.

This is the ProJoe CHAI and Believe Chai.    DSC_0903


Still don't believe me?  :P

The good news is?  I really liked the Chai flavor.  I had been holding my bottle hostage in the fridge for so long I didn't think it would ever get a proper review.  I've been thanked for sending business over for discussing these products.  Uh, you're welcome?
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