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What I have learned about Revision at ASMBS

Although I am here at the conference as a non-professional, there are countless educational sessions going on this week for the professionals.  (This is why they come.)  As much as I would love to have learned about many things discussed here - there is a trickle down effect.  

And, yesterday there was one.  Dr. Garth Davis had attended a session regarding hypoglycemia after roux en y gastric bypass and revision surgery.  He shared with me that there is much promise for gastric sleeve surgery as an option in slowing and reversing reactive hypoglycemia.  This would mean a revision, but not a "reversal."  I would lose the malabsorption of the RNY but regain the stoma and keep a small capacity.

Remember, I ASKED my surgeon to revise me.  He said no.  Now, to be fair, I believe I asked for a DS, because I thought that would help me.  And, then I asked for anything that would help.

 Revising to gastric sleeve, has a chance at helping stop whatever is triggering my seizures.  Again, I have no evidence that my seizures are AT ALL RELATED.  But, if I keep my blood sugar STABLE, perhaps my seizure threshold wouldn't be so low.  And, if it STOPS THEM?  Perhaps it will keep the scalpel out of my BRAIN.

Dr. G offered to do the revision.  I am going to give it serious consideration.

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