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Dopamine Determines Impulsive Behavior

No, really?  (Wonders if they should do a study on the post WLS communty - and then pass out the drugs.)

Brain scans illuminate the internal connection among the neurotransmitter, impulsiveness and addiction

Scientific American -

Binge-shoppers and serial daters might perpetually be living at the whim of their latest impulse, and now research is getting to the biological basis of their seemingly random behavior. Impulsivity has long been linked to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is involved in learning and reward. And a new model helps to illuminate the connection between the two. The work is described in a study published online July 29 in Science.

A team of researchers led by Joshua Buckholtz, a PhD candidate in neuroscience at Vanderbilt University, proposed that people who were more impulsive might have less active dopamine receptors in their midbrain but their brains would be more likely to fire off large quantities of the neurotransmitter when stimulated.

To verify their hypothesis, the researchers used PET scans to watch the brains of 32 healthy and psychiatrically normal test subjects ages 18 to 35 (who had no history of substance abuse) while they were taking a classic test to measure impulsivity. Before the first testing round, subjects had taken a placebo pill, but before the second, they were given an oral dose of amphetamine, which can stimulate the brain's reward pathways, mobilizing dopamine.

People who had the higher impulsivity scores had the lowest activity in the midbrain D2/D3 autoreceptors, which are in charge of receiving dopamine. But under the influence of the amphetamine, these impulsive individuals released much more dopamine than those who were less impulsive.

To see how these changes might be related to substance abuse—which has also been linked to dopamine abnormalities—the researchers polled the subjects about how much they wanted more of the amphetamine after the experiment ended.

"The people who had the highest levels of dopamine release reported subjectively stronger cravings after we gave them the drug," Buckholtz says. These findings "suggest a neurobiological link between human impulsiveness and drug abuse vulnerability," the researchers noted in their paper.

But what causes these individual differences? "Our best guess is that perhaps there's some inherited or environmentally mediated predisposition to having lower midbrain dopamine autoreceptor availability," Buckholtz says.

The evidence for genetic inheritance is strong, and another recent study, published earlier this month in Psychological Science, found people with a certain dopamine receptor type—known as DRD4—had different drinking habits than those without it. Specifically, test subjects with this variant were more likely to drink heavily if they had seen others doing the same while those without that variant kept their drinking moderate even when surrounded by heavier boozers.

The new results also suggest the potential for pharmacological interventions, Buckholtz notes. Some drugs for psychiatric conditions related to dopamine dysfunction, such as schizophrenia, work in broad strokes with "kind of a sledgehammer approach," he explains. Homing in on particular receptors and firing patterns might help develop drugs that could modulate in a "more targeted and perhaps nuanced way," he says, helping people with a broad range of dopamine-related ailments.

"Individuals vary widely in their capacity to deliberate on the potential consequences of their choices before they act," note the authors of a new study on the impulsive tendency. "Highly impulsive people frequently make rash, destructive decisions."

The study -

Dopaminergic Network Differences in Human Impulsivity

Joshua W. Buckholtz,1,2,*,{dagger} Michael T. Treadway,1,{dagger} Ronald L. Cowan,3,4 Neil D. Woodward,3,4 Rui Li,5 M. Sib Ansari,5 Ronald M. Baldwin,5 Ashley N. Schwartzman,1 Evan S. Shelby,1 Clarence E. Smith,3 Robert M. Kessler,5 David H. Zald1,3

Dopamine (DA) has long been implicated in impulsivity, but the precise mechanisms linking human variability in DA signaling to differences in impulsive traits remain largely unknown. By using a dual-scan positron emission tomography approach in healthy human volunteers with amphetamine and the D2/D3 ligand [18F]fallypride, we found that higher levels of trait impulsivity were predicted by diminished midbrain D2/D3 autoreceptor binding and greater amphetamine-induced DA release in the striatum, which was in turn associated with stimulant craving. Path analysis confirmed that the impact of decreased midbrain D2/D3 autoreceptor availability on trait impulsivity is mediated in part through its effect on stimulated striatal DA release.


1 Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37240, USA.
2 Neuroscience Graduate Program, Vanderbilt Brain Institute, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37240, USA.
3 Department of Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37240, USA.
4 Psychiatric Neuroimaging Program, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37240, USA.
5 Department of Radiology, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37240, USA.
{dagger} These authors contributed equally to this work.

Calcium Supplementation and Heart Risks

Weight loss surgery post ops are at risk of bone loss, particularly women. We need calcium supplementation, with many of our peers with osteoporosis, how do we protect ourselves?   I don't want sponge bones!  

Primary source: BMJ
Source reference:
Bolland M, et al "Effect of calcium supplements on risk of myocardial infarction and cardiovascular events: meta-analysis" BMJ 2010; DOI: 10.1136/bmj.c3691. 

Additional source: BMJ
Source reference:
Cleland J, et al "Calcium supplements in people with osteoporosis" BMJ 2010; DOI: 10.1136/bmj.c3691.

Celebrate ENS Multivitamin, Calcium, & Protein Shake HAS ARRIVED!


You guys have no idea how much THIS product excited me when I saw it at ASMBS!   Celebrate Vitamins' new ENS Multivitamin, Calcium + Protein Shake.    SO. EXCITING!   I don't have it here yet, but I will let you know as soon as I try it (in a larger amount other than the swig I may have got there) because - UM?  VITES IN MY PROTEIN?  WIN/WIN!  

Mama NEEDED this years ago.

And, cake batter?  Yes.


  Picture 22 

Click for LARGE

  • Flavors = Vanilla Cake Batter + Chocolate Milk
Created for surgical weight loss patients, our ENS (Essential Nutrient System) shake contains a high potency multivitamin, 500 mg of calcium citrate, and 25 g of whey isolate protein in each pack. Our integrated formula provides maximum solubility and ensures that the vitamins and minerals are readily bioavailable. This product is the best option for patients immediately following surgery.

* The vitamin and mineral content of each pack is equal to taking one chewable multivitamin, plus 500 mg of calcium, plus 25 g of protein.

* Due to the nature of the formulation, this product is appropriate for any surgical weight loss procedure. As with any of our other delivery systems, you may need additional supplementation based on surgery type.

* It is recommended to be blended with 8 oz of cold water, shaken, and consumed but can be mixed with as much or as little water as you want. It may also be mixed with milk.

* Each pack also contains 4 g of soluble fiber, added electrolytes and a 500 mg antioxidant blend, and a 200 mg green tea blend.

* Like our other products, taste is important and this has a delicious vanilla flavor that will make you think that you are drinking a glass of milk flavored like cake batter.

  • Product - Celebrate ENS Multivitamin, Calcium + Protein Shake
  • Via - Celebrate Vitamins
  • Price
  • Pros -  25 grams of whey protein isolate, vitamin supplementation, and calcium supplementation in one product
  • Cons -  ??
  • Rating -  Pouchworthy, MM.

    Impact Of Childhood Obesity Goes Beyond Health

    One quote that jumped out at me from this article - "discrimination against overweight individuals has increased 66 percent over the past decade despite the fact that more adults are becoming overweight" - wouldn't you think since it's become much more prevalent, people would be more tolerant?  

    Apparently not.  My own family is proof of THAT, it's not going away.  From the man who used to call me a cow and moo at me in my driveway ten years ago, to my next door neighbor who incessantly makes fun of my family these days?  It does NOT end.  

    Source: NPR

    The health effects of being overweight or obese are well documented. Extra pounds add extra risk for diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers, even among children. But new research also documents significant social and economic consequences of being overweight since high school.

    Philippa Clarke, an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan, wanted to know what happens to people who've been overweight since adolescence. So, she used national data that tracked 5,000 high school graduates for two decades. She compared one group of 40-year-olds who were normal weight at high school graduation but gained weight gradually over time with another group of 40-year-olds who were chronically overweight since age 19.

    Weight And Poverty

    "We found that those people who were persistently overweight were more likely to not have gone on to have any further education beyond their high school [diploma]; to be receiving welfare or unemployment compensation at age 40 and to have no current partner," said Clarke.

    Clarke says the chronically overweight were 50 percent more likely to be unemployed, on welfare and single. Her study didn't address why, but Clarke suggests these adults probably experienced discrimination as children that diminished their self-esteem and, in turn, their aspirations.

    Yale psychologist Kelly Brownell directs the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, where research, by Rebecca Puhl, has found overweight people are 26 times more likely to report discrimination than their normal-weight counterparts. And, Brownell says, overweight kids are far are more likely to report being teased.

    "Teasing that comes directly from teachers in some cases, certainly from peers and even sometimes from their families. This gets internalized so overweight children feel inferior, feel like there's something defective with themselves and therefore they tend not to aspire. This isn't true in all cases, but a lot of them tend not to aspire to such heights because they don't believe they deserve it," he said.

    Brownell says discrimination against overweight individuals has increased 66 percent over the past decade despite the fact that more adults are becoming overweight. One of the reasons, Brownell says, may be that people think overweight adults have only themselves to blame. They should eat less and exercise more. But, he says blame is simply unreasonable, when it comes to children and weight, especially in low-income neighborhoods where markets are often inadequate and places to exercise are nearly nonexistent.

    "The social climate and our toxic food environment is so disastrous that more and more people are having trouble resisting it," Brownell says. "That's really what's explaining the high prevalence of obesity. So it's unfair to put people in an environment where weight gain is a very strong possibility and then to blame them for having the problem."

    Source: NPR

    The more frequently you log on, the more weight you can keep off, study finds

    The more frequently you log on, the more weight you can keep off, study finds.

    The National Institutes of Health-funded study evaluated an Internet-based weight maintenance intervention involving 348 participants. Consistent website users who logged on and recorded their weight at least once a month for two-and-a-half years maintained the most weight loss, the study found.

    "Consistency and accountability are essential in any weight maintenance program. The unique part of this intervention was that it was available on the Internet, whenever and wherever people wanted to use it," said study lead author Kristine L. Funk, MS, RD, a researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore.

    "This study shows that if people use quality weight management websites consistently, and if they stick with their program, they are more likely to keep their weight off," said study co-author Victor J. Stevens, PhD, co-author and senior investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. "Keeping weight off is even more difficult than losing it in the first place, so the fact that so many people (in the study) were able to maintain a good portion of their weight loss is very encouraging to us."

    This internet-based weight maintenance intervention was part of the Weight Loss Maintenance Trial, one of the largest and longest weight maintenance trials ever conducted -- lasting three years and including more than 1,600 people at four study sites across the United States. To enroll in the trial, participants had to be overweight or obese based on their Body Mass Index and taking medication for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. For the first six months, participants tried to lose weight by attending weekly group meetings at which they were weighed, encouraged to keep food diaries, and given extensive information about exercise and healthy eating.

    Participants had to lose at least nine pounds to remain in the trial for the weight loss maintenance phase, which lasted an additional two-and-a-half years and included three groups of randomized participants: one with no intervention, one that had monthly contact with a personal health coach, and one that was given unlimited access to a weight-maintenance website created specifically for the trial.

    The internet group included 348 participants who were encouraged to log in at least once a week. If they didn't, they received e-mail reminders and follow-up automated phone messages. Once on the website, participants were prompted to record their weight, their minutes of exercise, and the number of days they kept food diaries. If they went longer than seven days without recording a weight, the other parts of the website were disabled until they did record their weight. The website included an interactive bulletin board on which participants could talk with others involved in the study and pose questions to nutrition and exercise experts.

    During the first six months of the trial, while they were attending group sessions and before they had access to the website, participants who ended up in the internet group had lost an average of 19 pounds. Once they were given website access, their objective was to keep off as much of that weight as possible. Consistent users who logged in and recorded their weight at least once a month for 24 months maintained the greatest weight loss -- keeping off an average of nine of the 19 pounds they'd lost during the initial weight loss phase of the trial. Those who logged on less consistently -- at least once a month for 14 months -- kept off an average of five pounds. Those who logged on less than that kept off an average of only three pounds of their original weight loss.

    At the end of the study, 65 percent of the participants were still logging on to the website. The study authors say they are encouraged by this level of participation because they say it is rare to see that kind of commitment -- even in shorter-term weight maintenance studies that use the internet.

    While the study website is no longer available, there are many useful weight management websites that people can access. The study authors advise consumers to look for these important elements:

    • Sites that encourage accountability by asking users to consistently record weight, exercise, and calories consumed
    • Sites that include tailored or personalized information
    • Sites with interactive features that allow users to communicate with each other and with nutrition and exercise experts
    • Sites with accurate health information.

    Dyson - YOU SUCK.

      Picture 21

    This may be the shortest review ever.

    I didn't tell you -- but we took in another dog and subsequently gave him back. (It's a short story.)  But, here's the thing:  The Fur Was Flying.  Those two were at each others throats, quite literally, and I was trying to keep up with the fur balls that were more obvious than ever.

    I am a sneezer.  Dog fur gets me, and even with my quite OCD-like vacuuming, I need to have it gone.

    However:  my second Dyson vacuum purchased since January 2009?  Is broken, AGAIN.  

    This machine was just sent out to be fixed, it needed a new "on" button, and other bits tweaked.  

    That fix, lasted.... a couple weeks?  

    • This vacuum does not stay "on" unless you hold the "on" button DOWN while pushing, and you have to push at a very specific angle, or the vacuum turns back off. 
    • You have to vacuum, while bent over. 
    • The vacuum does not turn off.  You have to unplug it to get it to power "off."
    • Dyson shares these issues - LOL -
    • My machine is not working
    • Yes, I am an idiot.  
    • I have spent nearly $1,000 on vacuums and vacuum maintenance in the last couple of years, because I Wanted The One I Would Not Break, Clog, Have To Buy A New One Every Year.  (Because, I've had how many since 1998?)

    Clearly, I need to be slapped.  

    Because, I will be sending this ^%#^%@! machine off AGAIN for maintenance and another $25.00 "service" fee, and it will break again, and we will end up buying a new vacuum (Hello Wal-Mart Special!) with our back-to-school clothing budget.

    Raar.  I can't breathe, and NOW I am cranky.  You cannot have a MM in a house with very little air conditioning AND furballs.  I will bite.

    Living the high life.

    Mr. MM and I went to Gillette Stadium to see Kid Rock + Bon Jovi last night.  We went extraordinarily early because Mr. MM is about 90 years old and must be That Early To Everything and we were probably the fifth car in the parking lot, and the first one OUT of the lot.  (No, you have no idea, if he's this bad at age 30something, he will be unlivable in old age.)  

    We walked around until the sky let loose fury and we were going to get SOAKED -- and ruin my mortgage payment camera that I was not supposed to have in my bag.  To hide -- we bounced from store-to-store in Patriots Place and ducked into a movie.  

    After the movie -- we went to dinner at Davio's.  I ordered a glass of Prosecco, Steak and Cheese Spring Rolls and a Mozzarella Cheese Salad, Mr. got a giant burger, ate about four bites and died.  He wanted to nap at the table.

    The spring rolls, ICK.  While they looked great, the filling was indeed steak and cheese, but the texture was totally wrong in my mouth, it was ground or mashed with cheese and inside the spring roll wrapper and turned me off completely.  I couldn't get Mr. to even try one.  (I asked.) 

    The mozzarella salad was fine, until I sort of ate a label from the tomato.   We ended up not paying for half of the meal.  Thank you, Davios. 

    Then, on to the concert!

    Standing in line for an hour, totally fun!  We were, of course, first in line!  in the blazing heat, making friends.  Then, we were kicked out of line and told to go to the "Club Seating" line.  Oh, had I known that, I would not have stood there like a douche for an hour.

    We had "Club Seating" which is sort of fancy!  This gives you the chance to get COMPLETELY SHIT FACED in the comfort of air-conditioning areas with sofas and Dunkin Donuts kiosks and bars every 50 feet.  

    Now, this is when Mr. MM gets WICKED HAPPY -- Beth buys a COFFEE.  An ICED COFFEE!  Guess how much this costs?  $7.75.  :-O  (Clearly he hasn't been to Vegas, but he doesn't "get that.")  

    "Seven dollars for an iced coffee?  YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SHITTING ME?  I am going to say something!"  

    He talks about sending an email!  An angry email!  Well, you can't.  It's not "her fault."  The 18 year old girl working the DD booth has NOTHING to do with the cost of the fake DD coffee being sold inside Gillette Stadium.  People will pay!  I did.  I would have had to anyway because I couldn't "bring anything in."  In fact, we ended up buying one coffee, two Diet Pepsis (one that fell), a beer, one pretzel and a fried dough (that also spent time on the ground)  HA.  (How's that for not spending?  LOL.)

    HOWEVER!  Our seats outsides in the stands were cushy -- not hard like the peons seats in the regular stands -- WE WERE LIVING IT UP.

    Curiously -- this was another social experiment -- we were entirely surrounded by middle aged white people.  Lots of people my age, of course, we grew up with Bon Jovi, but I was surprised by the amount of old folks with little kids.

    I thought I would see more younger women or big hair?  The big hair I did see, was DEFINITELY in the form of SNOOKIE POUFS, one whom came and sat next to me totally intoxicated, 

    "Hey, is this row 9?"  *stumble, crash, sit*

    The hardest part was watching guys who look like 40 year old elementary school Math Teachers rock out to Kid Rock -- screaming obscenities while wearing Jack Daniels shirts, sitting next to little kids from their classes.  Really. Weird.

    Mr. MM described Kid Rock as entertaining.  I am pleased, I thought he would hate him.  But, Kid Rock did sing a couple recognizable tunes including Jamey Johnson's "In Color," which -- WAS AWESOME.  During Bon Jovi -- we had planned to take off early (of course!) to avoid sitting in the parking lot for hours.  I am glad we did, because the dogs were dying of pee when we got home.

    Anyway - my photos with no audio - which you'll note we were awfully FAR AWAY - in great seats with no view.  ;) 

    Kid Rock -


    BonJovi -

    Food Consumption in America


    Click for full-size.  Wow.

    I'd like to make a chart for post WLS'ers.  It would be skewed.  That artificial sweetener total would be like a hundred pounds, and coffee, fifty pounds, and then, lots more cheese, dehydrated meats, and BACON!


    Simple Ways to Self Nurture


    Photo by me - Costa Mesa, CA.

    From WLS Lifestyles Magazine -  Simple Ways to Self Nurture

    "Ok, so if you are going to maintain a healthy weight you really do need to change your lifestyle. Compassionate Self Nurture needs to become a way of life for you. As I’ve said before I do believe over eating is often an attempt to self nurture. You must put attention to creating new more positive self nurturing behaviors: below are some simple ways to consciously create a living style that is truly reflective of self love and respect:"

    Continue reading "Simple Ways to Self Nurture" »

    BELIEVE Protein Drink Mocha Latte


    I ran out of soy milk this morning.  I thought I might open a protein shake and use it as "cream."  (I do this often -- particularly with vanilla RTD shakes or others that I have tried and did not enjoy and do not want to waste.)

    I realized I have six of these "Believe" Protein Drinks in the fridge for review.  I poured half into my coffee and the rest into a glass for review.

    Believe Protein comes from Bariatric Eating -- and is described as -

    "You have never tasted anything quite as delicious as Believe, our new ready-to-drink sensation. Smooth and delicious coffee lattes filled with healing protein & natural energy – packed in premium glass bottles, they’re a pleasure to sip. 

    The nutrition -


    120 calories, 0 fat, 5 carbs, 3.5 grams of sugar.  Pretty damn good stats!

    What's in it?  

    Mocha: INGREDIENTS: Brewed Arabica coffee (coffee and water), EasyGest protein blend (milk protein concentrate and whole grain brown rice protein), carageenan, dipotassium phosphate, natural and artificial flavors, calcium hydroxide, caffeine, Ace-K, sucralose, niacin, pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin, pyridoxine HCL. 

     I shook the bottle, violently, because the bottom was all chocolaty.  (The photo is post-shaking.)  I popped the top and the label started coming completely off, so I had to get the camera before I had a nude glass bottle.  

    I poured half into my coffee - and the rest into a glass.  The sniff test?  Gah.  Same reaction I got last time to a very similar product with a different label.  (I have been told that it's not the same product -- and also that it is, so it's up to you to read the labels and make your choice.)  

    Edited to add: After an hour or so... I think I have decided that it's not -- at least this product WAS changed.  My reaction to this taste was vile, whereas to the previous product, I didn't make a sour face.

    This particular flavor the ready to drink protein coffee has a unique odor.  Though, it might be described as coffee milk - remember that syrup from when you were a kid?  Did you have that coffee syrup -- or was it a regional thing?  

    The taste is also not unlike coffee milk.  The initial flavor is okay, super-sweet and milky, and then it's a bit sour and protein-y.  

    Do you recall that short stint of SUGAR FREE MOCHA that Starbucks had?  It was a sugar free syrup that they used and discontinued very quickly.  It's THAT chocolate flavor that I am tasting, suspended inside protein.  The Believe is not even too far off of the bottled Starbucks Light Frappucinno drinkbut with added protein texture and after taste.  If you're a fan of the 'bucks drink - this might please you, perhaps if you added a shot of espresso to it -- or a VIA packet?

    The texture, it looks super smooth, aside from the chocolate lumps that were stuck to the bottom and top.  You can tell this is a protein product.  There is a bit of a powdery or grainy texture to it.  (I noted it with the other product too.)  You can feel it on your tongue.

    On it's own, I cannot drink it.  It's sitting here, lonely in it's glass.

    Added to my espresso - it was very unpleasant.  It soured my coffee.  However, when I added a shit load of sweetener, it was better, but I still do not like it.  At all.  

    I only have one bottle, so I won't be attempting protein recipes with it - but if I had a CASE - I would take this - put it in the blender with ICE, a VIA PACKET, unsweetened cocoa powder, and a shot of sugar-free syrup in mint.

    Now, to be fair in advance, because this is a privately labeled product that I have tried other flavors of, I think this is the WORST of the flavors, if it IS the same product, or at least damn near exact.  I honestly enjoyed other flavors, so I will review those as well and let you know.  

    But this Mocha Latte, nothankyouverymuch.


    This was about an hour later - I let it sit - the chocolate sunk again.

     Also - it may be important to note -- I hated other bottled coffee protein drinks - remember achievOne?

      Picture 16


    Prenatal vitamin levels a concern after weight loss surgery

    Pregnant?  Had weight loss surgery?  Thinking about getting pregnant? TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. 

    As a mom who had severe anemia and other deficiencies during pregnancy - including brain twitch - I am so thankful my baby was healthy.


    July 22 - Healthday News -

    "The study authors documented the case of a woman who had biliopancreatic diversion surgery for obesity seven years before the birth of her child. At nine weeks' gestation, the mother was diagnosed with severe deficiencies of vitamins A, D and K, as well as iron-deficiency anemia. Despite treatment, the woman's vitamin A level remained critically low throughout her pregnancy.

    Her son was born with significant malformations of both eyes, and his vision remains poor despite treatment, the researchers reported. They noted that the first eight weeks of gestation are the most critical period in the development of organs, including formation of the visual system.

    The article was released in the June issue of the Journal of AAPOS, the publication of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

    "The mother's description of night blindness, recurrent low vitamin A levels during the pregnancy, and demonstrated vitamin A deficiency in the neonate support vitamin A deficiency as the cause. This case illustrates that vitamin A is very important for normal eye development in the fetus, particularly for pregnant women who have undergone gastric bypass surgery in order to improve their fertility," lead investigator Dr. Glen Gole, of the department of ophthalmology at Royal Children's Hospital and Discipline of Pediatrics and Child Health, University of Queensland, Brisbane, said in an AAPOS news release.

    "Weight-reduction surgery is becoming more common, especially with the potential for health benefits that result from reducing obesity," commented journal editor-in-chief Dr. David G. Hunter, in the news release. "Unfortunately some forms of this surgery cause vitamin deficiency, and in this case the problem led to a birth defect that caused blindness in one child. We are not aware of any other cases of this particular problem, but it is important for any woman who has had this form of gastric bypass surgery to be checked for vitamin deficiency -- and have it corrected -- before considering having a baby."

    American Bad Ass!

    Clearly the universe saw my post yesterday -- and two things happened at the same time -- I got yet another email from someone who needs many hours of therapy.  (Why do we talk about ourselves in the third person?  Beth does not like that.  Beth finds it disturbing...

    AND the opportunity to go see Bon Jovi + Kid Rock this weekend.

     It is amusing to watch the ladies on Facebook pawn over Jon Bon Jovi.  Again, another celebrity "thing" I do not understand.  But, then again, he is almost old enough to be my Dad.  We used to rock to this on the school bus in elementary school.  

    Here, for you:

    Bon Jovi


    For me, this...

    Kid Rock  -   LOL.