There's something to be said about homeschooling.

Bethenny Frankel turns inside out and eats "nothing."

MM is not a fan of the "Housewives" -- because I am a 'housewife,' and those women are clearly Not Housewives.

However, this little gem popped out at me via "Life + Style" magazine online about Bethenny Frankel, who squeezed a baby out of her BODY just a few months ago -

How has the best-selling author bounced back so soon?

"There's been no real drastic any thing," Bethenny, who weighs a healthy 118 lbs, tells Life & Style. "I've really been eating, just not like a crazy person." The 5-foot-6 natural-food chef has a new mantra, "Taste everything, eat nothing."

That's also a freaking AWESOME mantra for triggering an eating disorder.  It goes right up there with chew and spit.  WLS crowd -- take notes.  O-O

PS.  Wait, she's... a nutritional professional?  Are you kidding me?

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