Bethenny Frankel turns inside out and eats "nothing."

There's something to be said about homeschooling.

Pants @ Hollister.

Picture 15 However when you are me -- homeschooling is not something in the cards -- unless public school was not an option.  While personality tests point me in the direction of "Teacher or Priest" -- I ain't havin' it.

But if we homeschooled -- my kids could be as they are now: in various stages of half-dress.

My daughter is currently next to me in a tee-shirt and underwear, the little one is in a bathing suit, my son is in pajamas, and my middle daughter is likely half-naked.

Clothes?  Who needs clothes?

And WHO came up with this idea that children have to have brand-new trendy clothing to go "back to school" in?  Huh?  We all (mostly) fall for it, the commercials, the ads, the coupons that are on my fridge for all different stores:  Famous Footwear, Justice for Girls, Kohls, JCPenney, and of course the haircut coupons!

I just spent all morning bouncing online, site-to-site looking for back to school clothes for 2 out of 4 kids in my house.  O-O

I know I ALWAYS post about school clothes shopping as I do it, but it's because I really hate it.  I do.

You say, "go goodwill shopping!!"

Realistically, I'm sooner donating bags of our things than actually having the opportunity to rifle through clothing to find plus-sized children's goods.

It just doesn't happen.

Which brings me to:  BUSINESS IDEA.  Plus Size Consignment.  Duh.  I've said it again and again, and I know it's not really profitable, but... the public demands it.

More of us and our children are plus-sized than 'skinny-pants' sized.  (And, why are there so many skinny pants in the 14-28W size range?)

If I cannot find any decent looking non-totally spandex/polyester legging pant sets on a clothing site like SEARS for my girls, which is part of KMART, it's sort of a sad state of affairs.  Similarly, other basic stores, don't have many options.

  • My girls WANT:  Justice, Abercrombie, Hot Topic, Hollister, etc.
  • My girls GET: Whatever we can find, after digging and whining and fighting and spending too much.

My son, forget about it.  He won't even try stuff on.  I just guess at what he wants, but seeing as he's spent a day and a half in a hand-me-down AE shirt?



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