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Did you catch the possible complications?

Did you?

Read it again.

I have NEVER seen it written this way. Never hypo as the FIRST complication and so "grave."

Welcome To ME, who has seizures every 1-3 days that began coincidentally with the onset of post RNY hypoglycemia but are NOT related.

I haven't been writing about hypoglycemia or seizures lately.  I still have both.  The hypoglycemia issues don't happen dramatically, EVER, that that's because I pretty much self-medicate with protein-fat-carb-protein-fat-carb all day long.  If I eat straight up carb, I DIE.  And, I can simply count minutes to crash, so I don't eat simple carbs, alone, EVER.  If I want potato?  It must be doused with fat and sided with protein.

That said, it still happens in baby crashes, just not anywhere near the dramatic lows I used to have.  I would say that it's mostly because I have awareness of how to eat and when to eat. And, how to eat?  Does not include: Skittles. LOL.  I don't eat stuff like that, ever, unless I have.. say... BEEF in my other hand.  ;)

The seizures -- happen every 1-3 days in a bad week.  This past week, two.  One the day before yesterday, and another a couple days before that. 

Both partial complex seizures that I have only the memory of what happened RIGHT BEFORE the moment.  Mr. was home during the first of last week's event - and he said I was on his computer, and stopped, starting typing crazy, looked away, stared off and said some crazy shit and hugged him.  He doesn't really react any more, I tend to ask, "What did I do?" and he tells me "Well, you said XYZ, and then it was over."  As do the kids.  "Mama, you just had a seizure.  Oh well."

The second, I felt coming, came and sat down here, was mid-Facebook update and hit send on a update full of typos.  (I find them later.)  I don't typically post anything with obvious blatant errors, even though I do not draft or edit anything I type, I try not to send out crazy 4i3qgrelgjslk;gj; stuff.


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