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Less anxiety after duodenal switch surgery?

Random reactive.

Hypoglycemia can be random when it's reactive.

When my blood sugar drops, one of the early signs is cleaning. 

I tend to get things done, fast.  Why?  I don't know.  It's a rush of misdirected energy, and then it turns into more obvious signs of hypoglycemia, and usually ends in me, confused, in the kitchen.

I just found myself, somewhat confused, in the kitchen, taking out the trash, when I realized my blood sugar had tanked.  Or, was going to, or might be, or I was simply losing it.

I get a brain cloud, and always try to simply push through it, until something else tells me "SUGAR.  NOW."  (Which unfortunately is the same thing my brain says during a complex partial seizure, so my kids don't know whether to FEED me, or to make me sit down.)

I found the glucose tabs, and slurped a few down, followed by some vitamins and a peanut butter cup.  I will live.  Instant Rebirth!

(I share that I used a PB cup for following up the glucose, because it's what I found in my fridge -- you can thank my carb head husband -- and it served the purpose.  It's actually the perfect level,  about 105 calories and 12 carbs.  Typically I eat something like a slice of bread, turkey and mayo.)

The trigger for this low?

11am - Most of a snack-size cup of lowfat cottage cheese, smeared on about six Toll House Flips Pretzel + Cheese Crackers, and a snack-size "Take 5" bar.  *THUD*

This amazes me -- because -- that's nothing.  (I am 6.5 years post op.)  This is simply HOW random reactions can BE. 

Because -- I can eat.  Had that meal been two slices of pizza?  I would have no reaction.  Bodies are weird.  My body likes PROTEIN, TONS OF FAT and CARBS all smooshed together.  Don't give it protein and carbs only, don't give it carbs only, EVER.

Or, if you do ... be prepared to find me in your kitchen, trying to clean it, but confused and looking for a snack.

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