"What's Eating You?" premieres tonight
Brr, where's my feety pajamas?

So you've had a bad day.

I found out my $3000 camera package was a "fake," purchased illegally, and that I cannot get it replaced or fixed. 

I got a letter from the IRS.  Fun for all! 

My eight year old daughter stole items from her older sister and took them to school, again.  (But, on the plus side, she's slept in her room a WHOLE NIGHT! Perhaps the fact that she no longer has a BED works for her?)

Headache.  All day.

*various other vague things I will not/should not and might blog about...including a few things simply don't matter but are irritating just the same, ie.  Why Can't My Body Handle ANY Fiber?*

AND?  Annnnnd?  My child gave my kittens a hair cut, maybe?

Which I did not notice, until I took their photographs this morning when I was ironically taking photos of my camera's box.  I uploaded the photos, and was looking at the cute-ness when I realized both kittens are missing half of their whiskers.  (Or are they?) DSC_3786

Before you call the ASPCA on us, please note that the child in question ALSO cut a huge hunk of hair out of her own head what, three days ago, and that is what I noticed first, and hid all of the scissors. 


Yes, I realize that this can be potentially uncomfortable for a cat, and I would never do anything to hurt my cats on purpose, like RIPPING OUT THEIR CLAWS, so, yeah, I was not pleased.  My poor kitters, who are missing whiskers.

This must have happened during Hair Cutter Time that she says "I didn't cutted my own hairs, Mama."  Now, I only assume she cut their whiskers - because - they look cut.  She says she didn't.  But, I assume she did, because her hair got chunked, and the evidence was left in the same room. DSC_3791
We haven't had the kittens in our space much until the last two days, when they finally came downstairs and started hanging out with us.  Before that, they were chilling in the bathroom, bathroom closet and running back and forth in the middle of the night avoiding us entirely.

I wonder if they're simply confused and looking for their whiskers.

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