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If this doesn't get my blog blocked at your job, nothing will: 4SKINS Underwear

We-are-finally-here-IMAGE2.jpgFart control undies for boys.   Please send a model with the undies for review, immediately.  Thank you. 

Sydney Herald -

The designer of 4SKINS, Gilbert Huynh, says although odour-neutralising fabric has been used in sportswear for years, his range of men's undies is the first time the material has been used in intimate apparel.

"Everyone has experienced those awkward situations and I thought that it would be great if you could let one off and no one could smell it," Huynh says. 

After extensive trials - with friends and family - Huynh launched 4SKINS this month and says interest in the innovation has been beyond expectation.

4SKINS as a universal brand for all types of men understands how difficult it is to keep things cool and fresh from within. So whether you are the corporate type sitting in the office the whole day or the active and physical person spending most of the time outdoors or in the gym. We have something that will suit your needs when it comes to eliminating human body odour.

We are introducing a selection of undies that have the advance Neutralizer odour control technology, keeping you fresh and smelling your best when you finally take them off at the end of each day. The fabric technology works in a way that it builds revolutionary odour control into each and every fibre. By doing this, it attracts, isolates and neutralises unwanted smell immediately.

So where does all the absorbed fumes end up? As the smell is absorbed into the fabric, it holds onto the odour until you place the undies in the wash and this is when the odour is released... The beauty of this fabric is that the absorption of odour does not hinder the natural pore structure of the fabric, hence your skin can breathe freely and naturally, maintaining its performance over time and retaining its natural softness making you and the people around you feeling much more comfortable."


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